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It’s hard not to listen to the hype when you hear about a new product. (just don’t believe the commercials)  Love the information at They review products and tell you exactly what they think so you don’t have to waste money anymore.  They also had a great story on the best and worst shampoos which was great. I have so many shampoos and I am always tryting new ones only to have some fail.  Check it out.

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The Necklace

I have been a little preoccupied by the necklaces Ali Wenthworth has been wearing on the Oprah Show on Fridays.  Where can I get it?? I am so surprised no one else is talking about it!  

This season the style in necklaces is all about flowers and what is called the bib necklace.  I love them!  I checked out a few similar ones but really want to know where she got hers.  Most are expensive! But I did some digging and here are some of my favorite ones and stores that I think have really great jewelry.

I have this one from Banana Republic called the Garden statement necklace $98.00  but they might have sold out as it’s no longer on their web site and each story only received one or two

The Primrose garden necklace from J Crew is so pretty.  $115

Carol Lee Jewelry – The Floral Crystal and White Simulated Pearl Choker Necklace $350 – beautiful for special occassions….

H&M always has nice jewelry but you will have to head to your local store as they do not sell items online.

Also, check out for their necklace discussion!


Children’s Bath Products

Yet again….the story of unsafe children’s baby products is in the news. The Green Blog from The Boston Globe wrote about it on the 16th . Here is a link below.  As I mentioned in an earlier post I was testing all my products at and while it was hard not to spend hours looking at all the products we use and really become quite obsessive about it……I did learn a lot and what I took away from it is just to make sure you are not using all beauty products or baby products that rate on a high scale.  For the children I tend to use paraben free products for shampoo, body wash and lotions as well as hand soap (because we use soap every day).  My favorites have always been Burt’s Bee, California Baby and now I use Pure & Basic Green Tea Hand Soap.

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Everyone has been talking about it! It’s on the news, facebook, etc. even Oprah was dishing about it – Snuggie

I saw the hilarious clip on the today show and everyone is making fun of it but yet it sells!  I myself would put on a sweater when cold in the house but my kids love blankets. I almost passed out the other day when my two kids said “we want snuggies!” I asked how they knew about it and they said they saw it on TV – here was the response

“Oh Mommy – you can talk on the phone with it and play games and snuggle!”

“It’s a blanket with arms! Can we get one?”

Oh boy!

I feel bad as I saw a news story the other day about the Slanket, which I guess was the first to the market (but with no infomercial). It has a lot more normal colors to choose from but it’s also more expensive at $37.99 versus the snuggie at $19.95 and one free with shipping and handling…. I have yet to test them!

Check them both out


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