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Summer is here! Enjoy the view, family and good times #traveltips

Anyone who has school age kids knows June is one busy month. Between sports ending, Father’s Day, final exams and vacation, getting it all done during this last month of school is challenging. I am a big fan of taking a night away if you can to relax and enjoy the view. Plus if you have older kids it provides a nice way for you to spend some family time together (the teen years tend to be the sulky, silent ones ūüôĀ ) We were lucky that our night away in beautiful #Ogunquit Maine was sunny and in the 90s. To make it feel like you are away for more than one night we arrive at the destination early, like by 9:00 am and leave late. If you cannot get into your hotel room that early, check out the facilities, visit the local beach or have breakfast. We were out and about all day, checked in a bit early, lounged by the pool, had dinner with friends and then got up early for breakfast. The first weekend in June is the perfect time for a get-a-way and to enjoy the beginning of the warm weather before the month’s activities pick up.¬† We were also able to use the pool the following day and did not head home until 5:00 pm! It truly felt like we were gone for five days.¬† So if you can only get a way for a night try the early in late out method if your hotel allows as that is a great way to recharge and refresh before the summer season kicks up. Take time to enjoy the view, spend time with your family without technology and the good times will follow.


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Sit back and enjoy the view this summer #travel #traveltips


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Happy New Year #NewYear #2016Goals

Happy 2016 to all!¬† I love having the week off between Christmas and New Years. We took a break from sports, school and work and stayed close to home. Now this week it was back to work and school and rushing around to activities! But at least we got a chance to visit grandpy, the beach and Boston last week! It was nice to have no plans and just wing it. Plus the kids did not request that we go someplace every single day – so they had a chance to chill out. I don’t like to write out resolutions but my goals for this year would be to travel more and blog about it, head to the gym at least three times a week and maybe do another 5K! Of course eating healthier is right up there too (maybe a simple one for me would be to eat less red meat (as I do love my burgers!) and drink more water (I hate water!) On the work front I have been enjoying and I am grateful for my long term client PR work so yeah! more of that too!¬† What are your goals?

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Our travels from holiday school vacation week! #travel #travelblogger


I have started my Christmas Shopping and other things on my list

Yes, I know it’s early but I have started my Christmas shopping. Everywhere I went I heard holiday music in the stores this weekend. While some believe we need to celebrate one holiday at a time I am all for getting a head start.¬† Even Santa is at the mall already!

However, this year as my kids get older they are more about celebrating experiences. Of course gifts are nice too they say, but my older daughter requested a trip to Florida instead of presents! During the busy time of year we do have our favorite things to do – a trip to NYC, Festival of Trees (in my town I grew up in) and I would like to add a few things on my to do list for the kids. They would like to go back to Great Wolf Lodge and I would like to go back to a fun hotel we stayed at a year ago Cranwell Resort I would also like to venture to New Hampshire as well. Some things like spending time with family on a fun adventure cannot be wrapped up in a gift box or bag but the memories will last and that is on my list of holiday gifts to give this year.

Some gifts cannot be wrapped

Some gifts cannot be wrapped

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A few items for your beach/pool bag @ILovePacifica

Memorial Day weekend was great and I even had the pool bag packed and ready to go.¬† All the essentials were ready: sunscreen, reading materials, towels. But I was missing a few items. But thanks to Pacifica I have these must have items for the beach/pool bag.¬† One of my favorite lines is Pacifica.¬† An eco-friendly line of fragrances, cosmetics and even candles their products are just great. They now have nail polish in really fun colors. Actually they have 25 shades to choose from on the Pacifica site. ¬† The nail line does not contain any harsh chemicals or parabens so it’s perfect for my tween girls. They love the nail colors, especially the Amethyst Castle and Nirvana ones we tested out. Also great to toss in your beach/pool bag, especially if you are headed out for the evening after a day on the sand or in the pool are the coconut water cleansing wipes. The pre-moistened towelettes smell so nice and are really refreshing. The solid perfume is great to throw in the bag too as you won’t have to worry about a bottle breaking and their enlightened gloss and creamy lip butters come in really nice colors for the summer. Both the lip shine and the butter are really hydrating. Check them out.

Disclosure: The company sent me the above products to test out and review. All opinions are my own.

Fun must have items for the beach and pool bag from @ILovePacifica

Fun must have items for the beach and pool bag from @ILovePacifica


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Back to School Supply List

As kids get older the back to school supply list gets longer. My 3rd grader has 13 items on her list. On my 6th graders supply list there are 36 items РYES Р36 items!  Now the countdown is on to actually buy the supplies. Do you shop around and compare prices at different retailers or do you just order online? I cannot imagine the cost if you have 3 or more kids and have several supply lists! Life was easier when they were in preschool!

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Still having fun at @American_Girl

My girls still love the American Girl Doll store.¬† They have two dolls each and went through a time a few years ago when they played with them all the time.¬† Then they stopped.¬† A friend had her 5 year old daughter’s birthday celebration there yesterday and again my girls had a blast.¬† Now they are excited about playing with the dolls again.

AG puts on a nice celebration. The desert was great and the girls loved the presentation of the treats. The girls kept bugging me as they wanted to visit the salon for hair and ear piercing for their dolls Рthat is a bit pricy for a doll!  I would rather have my kids get their hair done!  But it is a nice way to spend the day!

The girl's dolls at American Girl

Treats at The American Girl Doll Store


Back to school supply list

In the midst of a day trip to the beach in the back of my mind is the back to school supply list. We discussed this exact topic today on WCAP 980 am and were reminiscing about the days when you went to school without any pens, crayons or glue sticks and just showed up! The list seems to get longer and longer and with budget cuts at so many schools we know why. Our school suggests we buy on Amazon as a portion of the proceeds will be given to the parent teacher organization, which is a nice thing to do. We discussed how challenging it could be if you have 5 kids in school and 5 lists!  I have not purchased the items yet on my kids list but remembered that last year it was in the $50-100 range! Multiply that by 5 and yikes!

I remember one of the national parenting magazines listing out school supplies last year and which national retailers had the best prices on such items as crayons, pencils, pens and there was a substantial difference.  I am procrastinating purchasing as I would like to enjoy summer a bit longer. Plus I know that once I get out the supply list then we are into buying backpacks, clothes, coats etc.  I have a few more weeks left!

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5 Tips for a Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s around the world rejoice – it’s your day!

Here is a suggested way to enjoy this day or get ready for requests for next year!

1.  Tell the hubby what you want Рyou can interpret this anyway you want! If you want to relax in bed for a few hours (alone!) , go to the salon for a few hours of you time or spend it outdoors with the kids and hubby, plan it, say it and let them know that this is what you want to do on your day!

2. Think of what you did for your mom on  this day. Although my mom is not with me I think back to what we did for her and it makes me smile. Traditions are always the best gift.

3. This is the best day to have people do stuff for you so be creative! “Kids, Please pick up and put all your clothes away, it is after all Mother’s Day” “Honey, can you clean the garage? That is what I want most!”

4. A favorite meal cooked or a hot fudge sundae delivered to you Рwhatever your favorite treat is enjoy it. Although my idea of a new recipe backfired this morning, it was the thought that counts right? If you look closely at the picture my kids tried to hide the fact that the pancake was charred as they added some sprinkles and a little cheerio to the top of the pancake (how cute are they?) The pretzel crumbs were a nice touch.  YES, I did eat it and believe it or not it was not that bad! (at least that is what I told them)

5. Relax, relax and relax and enjoy your day!

5 Tips-Happy Mother's Day


A mommy tactic backfired!

I have done it several times very successfully but this time I was caught!¬† That’s right, on an occasional night out I have put both my children to bed a bit early then had the babysitter arrive after they are “sleeping” (this time they really weren’t sleeping). It just seems easier as sometimes they get all excited and can be a challenge getting to bed. Made sense to me!

I admit at times I have “turned” the clock back a half-hour just to get them to sleep a bit early.¬† This time both my 6 and 9 year old knew something was up – mom and dad sneaking into the other room, whispering, texting, etc.¬† Both girls went to sleep very nicely and then I knew something was up! They were so cute though as I heard them, preparing to catch me asking me why I had earrings on when I was going to bed and “is that make up you are wearing”?

When the sitter arrived I left for just a couple hours up the street to a neighborhood party to meet my husband.  When I came home I heard from the sitter that they did come down to greet her to say Hi, told them they were spying on me, chatted for a few minutes and then went to bed!

The next day morning they told me all about how they knew and how funny it was.¬† I know…I know…. some of you might say that is just not right! Others who have really young infants say¬†great idea as really that is the only time you may get out to have a few hours to yourself!

Now that my kids are older I’ve decided I can’t really do this anymore as few thoughts have came to my mind like it might come back to haunt me (i.e. sneaking out of the house, and really it’s not truthful!) But I thought it was a good mommy tactic when they are young! I am sure there are other mommies out there who have some ideas up their sleeves to achieve balance in their lives and to get things done whether it be a night out, a TV show for your kids to watch while you cook dinner or taking a quick shower (flashbacks come to mind as I put my daughter in her bouncy seat right by the bathroom door where I could see her!) ¬†As long as the kids are safe and having a good time our mommy tactics can be smart, sassy and can help us achieve balance!

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Itchy, Itchy, Scratchy, Scratchy. Ugh Dry Skin

It’s that time of the year and the cycle continues –¬†Itchy, scratchy dry winter skin. ¬†Some moisturizers are too perfumy, too oily, or contain ingredients you cannot pronounce. Who wants that? In my never ending quest to use more natural products I am glad I got to test out the Kiss my Face moisturizer and their new sudz line shower gel.¬†

C’s the day moisturizer is made with certified organic oils and herbs and Ester-C and does not contain parabens, phthalates or synthetic colors or fragrances. The Honeysuckle Tangerine has natural oils of tangerine, honeysuckle, almond¬† and clove oil for a yummy spring like fragrance. The grapefruit and lemongrass sudz shower gel is refreshing, lathers nicely and again has no parabens or phthalates, no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. They have everything from lip balm to hair care and a great kids line too.¬† You can find Kiss my Face at your local whole foods or

How do you handle dry winter skin? Comment below on the post and subscribe to our newsletter or send an email to i[email protected] and we’ll choose a winner and post by Monday Jan. 31st! Good luck!


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