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Summer fragrances with a function? @Aromaflage #nobugs #sleep #sponsored

I am not one for wearing perfume…but perfume that smells light and airy AND  that functions as an insect repellent? Sign me up! Aromaflage sent me samples of their  2-in-1 fine fragrance with function. Always on the lookout for deet alternatives I was ready to test it out. According to the Aromaflage web site the fragrances are , “Scientifically tested, effective, and beautifulOur first line of fine fragrances & candles naturally repels mosquitoes. Our newest line is a sleep fragrance designed to let you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling rejuvenated.”

I like how the collection comes in an easy to store and travel with purse size. There is no deet or harsh chemicals in their fragrances. You only need 1-2 sprays per leg and arm and you should reapply every 2-3 hours. Not only did I smell nice but I had no mosquito bites! The fragrance is derived from fruits and plants. The company’s founders found in their travels across Asia that exotic, botanical fragrances can double as insect repellent.  The original Aromaflage notes of silken vanilla, warm cedarwood, and exotic orange. The Aromaflage Wild is a nice blend of cardamom, cedarwood & spruce. Both do smell lovely and you don’t have to wash them off after a night out as they are natural. How many of you are in the shower washing off that deet before you get into bed??  The sleep fragrance smells very light and I spray it on my pillow at night for a great nights sleep.

But how exactly does it work?? According to the company website, “The volatility in Aromaflage’s essential oil + alcohol mixture creates a shield around the skin. This shield discourages mosquitoes from landing on your skin. Products containing DEET use contact repellency. This means that mosquitoes may land on your skin and react to the harsh chemicals, then jumping off.”  You can read more about it here


Disclosure: The company send me some samples of the Aromaflage fragrance. As always all opinions are my own in this blog post.

Fragrance with function @aromaflage a must have this summer season!

Fragrance with function @aromaflage a must have this summer season!


Last minute gifts? Head to @TheYankeeCandle

Trying to figure out what to get for last minute gifts? Need a gift idea for the teacher, hostess or mom?  Yankee Candle has so many gift ideas to choose from.

In addition to new fragrances this season, they have holiday decor and the perfect stocking stuffers.  They also offer personalized candles which make a great memorable holiday gift  – with a photo and message on a Yankee Candle it is sure to be a welcomed gift. Prices start around $25.00.

The three 2015 new fragrances are Berry Trifle, Winter Glow, and Gingerbread Maple. The company sent me the Winter Glow and Gingerbread Maple and they smell wonderful. These are available only until December ($1.99 – 27.99)

I also love the  “Winter Wonderland,” inspired collection.  Each of the four cozy scents reflects a memorable line from the seasonal tune.
The fragrances are:  In A Winter Wonderland, Happy Tonight, Dream By The Fire, Snow Is Glistening. Again, get them soon as they are only available until December ($17.99 – $27.99)

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Sound of Music this year, Yankee Candle is bringing back the My Favorite Things Limited Edition Collection. This whimsical line, based on song lyrics by Rodgers & Hammerstein, features three returning fan favorites and one new addition: Do Re Mi. Fragrances in the line include the new Do Re Mi, Whiskers on Kittens, Crisp Apple Strudel, Warm Woolen Mittens – get them soon as they only are available until the end of December  ($27.99 MSRP)

I love the car jar ultimate and smart scent vent clips as well for stocking stuffers. They also work well in mud rooms and small rooms. Another favorite of mine is the Scenterpiece™ Easy MeltCup System. You can choose from a variety of warmers in many different colors. My suggestion is to buy two warmers – put one in one section of the house and another in another room – add your favorite easy melt cup – mine just happens to be Christmas Cookie – and your whole house is filled with the fragrance. Some of the warmers also come with lights and a timer too.  You can check them out at a local Yankee Candle store or before you head in, go online and see what they have for gifts under $25.00.

Disclosure: Yankee Candle sent me a few candles to sample. All opinions in this blog post are my own.



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New fragrances from @TheYankeeCandle

The crisp scent of apples, leaves, fall….oh wait it’s summer!  But still I always like to be in the know when it comes to new products so I am glad that I was able to sample some of the new fall fragrances from @TheYankeeCandle.  Yankee Candle always has great fragrances for any season and great accessories for your home. Some of the new fragrances for fall include Autumn in the Park, Sugar & Spice and Vanilla Bourbon.

Autumn in the Park is a combination of my favorite fragrances – apple and pumpkin. It combines the fragrance of apple and leaves with a hint of pumpkin so crisp!

Sugar & Spice is a new favorite.  What could be better than the scents of sugar, vanilla and cinnamon? Nothing for sure. This candle smells so good, in fact I started it in the summer – could not wait for the fall!

Vanilla Bourbon is spicy!  With cream scents it could be your new favorite.  Check out the new line at

Disclosure: The company send me the above candles to test out. All opinions are my own.

New Fall Fragrances from Yankee Candle

New Fall Fragrances from Yankee Candle



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New Summer fragrances from @TheYankeeCandle

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and a candle or accessory from Yankee Candle always makes a nice gift. They have new summer fragrances out now and they smell just like summer.

The cotton candy is my favorite fragrance for the summer – sweet smelling just like the candy. The salt water taffy smells just like the summer favorite as well. Yankee Candle also has some great accessories if mom is looking to decorate for the summer season. Simply gather up a few of the beachside bubble mosaic candle holder to add a bit of summer decor into your home and add the in the park tea light holder to a side table or counter for a fun summer decor idea.

Check out the new collection here.

Disclosure: The Yankee Candle Co. sent me a couple candles to test out. All opinions are my own.

@theyankeecandle summer fragrances: Cotton Candy is the best!

@theyankeecandle summer fragrances: Cotton Candy is the best!


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