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A quick Birthday visit to the beach with social distancing of course
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COVID-19 #stayathome #socialdistancing activities

It’s been a tough March and April as most families are hunkering down and staying at home due to the coronavirus. It is especially hard for parents that are working from home and having to make sure their younger kids are doing their school work and homework virtually. Both my girls are doing school work virtually and both my husband and are were already working from home. Trying to get family time in is tough as they are teenagers! Here are a few suggestions for activities if you have older kids and some of these we have done! I do like to get fresh air every once in a while with no one around so here are my top suggestions for social distancing activities.

  1. Exercise – take a stroll in your neighborhood, on a path (while social distancing of course) or check out YouTube for a fun barre class. Every day I am trying to do something active and trying to get my girls to join in!
  2. We try to do movie night as a family – we went back to some oldies the other night – Big, Clueless, Thelma and Louise – make popcorn and add some candies for a fun night.
  3. Game night – while I’d like to say we do this, we tried it once – but those with younger kids can certainly have a blast with many board games.
  4. Drive through fun – it was my birthday the other day and while you should stay at home, ordering out is one way to support local businesses. Amazingly we have only ordered out about 4 times during the months of March and April! Girls now would like to go to the drive through at Chick-fil-A. You all stay in the car and have a fun ride.
  5. Driving around your town – My husband can’t sit still and likes to get in his car and just drive around. No problem there as he is not seeing anyone. Once his friend made him some ribs and they left it in their mailbox for him to pick up. In fact if you are running out of dinner ideas do a meal swap with one close family that you know and know that you will like what they make.
  6. Finally, cleaning, organizing their spaces – My girls did this the first few days we were on the stay at home order. Every closet is organized and clothes have been donated. Our house is pretty clean for four people at home all the time!

Stay safe, enjoy the together time and we will get through this!

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Lunchtime facial? Yes at @vibrantderm #Hosted

The holiday season is a busy time and who has time for a facial? Well, if you need a quick fix head to Vibrant Dermatology in Dedham and try their skin bar! This posh location was created by Harvard-trained, board certified dermatologist, Dr. Joyce Imahiyerobo-Ip. Vibrant Dermatology skin bar offers personalized skin care and many anti-aging procedures to achieve youthful skin. Step on up to the bar and be prepared to be pampered.

Vibrant Dermatology treated me to a 30 minute signature peptide facial and it was heaven! Super quick and super hydrating it was perfect for a lunchtime pick me up. They used customized products that they sell onsite. Check out their products here This beauty bar concept is meant to offer fast, customized skin care offering a menu of treatments in a comfortable clean atmosphere. Check out the photos.

Disclosure: Vibrant Dermatology treated me to a 30 minute facial. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own

The view at the bar – The Skin Bar at Vibrant Dermatology

The Skin Bar at Vibrant Dermatology

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Summer Adventures #sports #travel #travelblogger

Well July came and went super quick!  My girls are active in a summer swim and dive league and with daily practices it can get hectic. Summer sports seem to fly by and I cannot believe it is August! Usually I am quite active in the summer with barre, jogging and tennis and it seems once we went on vacation and came back to work that all stopped. But the summer is not over yet so I hope to get out more and play tennis and enjoy a bit of paddleboarding too. Our travels this summer focused mostly on the beach including trips to #Maine. This is my new favorite place to visit – Anchorage by the Sea

There is so much to do in #Ogunquit. It really is a beautiful place by the sea. What are your summer adventures?

A ride around #Ogunquit

A ride around #Ogunquit

The views are amazing anywhere in #Ogunquit #Maine

The views are amazing anywhere in #Ogunquit #Maine



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Positive energy skin care? A review @skinagain

Lots of beauty products come across our desk to review at trendymommies. We try to look for all natural, paraben free products and ones that help solve a problem. The folks at SkinAgain sent us a few products to test out. Called positive energy skincare SkinAgain suggests to enhance your beauty with positive affirmations. Hey it can’t hurt right?

Each SkinAgain product is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Paraben & Sulphate-Free and Cruelty-Free. The company says they rely on the latest in research-supported skin care technology. I tested out the Vanish and Youth creams.

Vanish is a lotion that is used to fade the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and scars. It is made with a blend of shea butter, avocado seed extract, and bentonite. The cost is $52. I liked how soothing it is. Time will tell about fading the appearance but I liked the smell and the soothing properties. For this one I will have to circle back to tell you how my skin is after a month.

The youth anti-wrikle brightening cream is like a “facelift” primer and can be used under makeup. It is made with Rumex Occidentalis Extract, Tree Fern Extract, and Peptides. It is used to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, darks spots, and loss of elasticity. This definitely felt nice going on. The cost is $64. I have only been using it a week and can see a difference. I do love how they are vegan and gluten free as well. Check them out online. 

They suggest to meditate on a positive affirmation during application of each cream to say something such as My skin is flawless! I like saying my skin is wrinkle free….and it will be with youth!


Disclosure: The company sent me the vanish and youth to review. All opinions are my own in this blog post.

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Snow got to you yet? Try a massage @MassageEnvy

We tried it and loved it! I am sure we are all done with snow and the aches and pains that come along with it. Maybe you forgot that Valentine’s Day is coming up so why not treat yourself to a massage or treat your hubby to one!

Massage Envy Spa has some great services and they also are a membership spa. What is really nice is you can join and then decide each month if you want a massage or facial. I had not had a massage in years and while it took time to relax the benefits afterwards were great. I was calm and ready for bed! You can customize your massage with what you need – a deep tissue, sports massage, foot massage or prenatal. They even have a sugar foot scrub therapy as an add on. I opted for a regular massage with a focus on cranial sacral therapy as I do get headaches a lot.  For Valentine’s Day why not try it? They also have a room where you can get side by side massages!  They do offer a three month special at $179.97 if you want to try it out. The monthly membership dues are $59.99 and if another family member joins they can add on for $49.99. This is the perfect gift for this long winter.  And for all you wondering if your guy will like it – he will – especially if he has been shoveling for the last few weeks!

Disclosure: Massage Envy sent my husband and I gift cards for the massage. All opinions are my own.

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Love the skin and body care @NourishUSDA

I am always testing out beauty products and I really am focused on using more natural products on my skin and trying to get my tweens to use more natural products too.  I love this new line of 100% USDA organic skincare and bodycare called Nourish Organic.  The products smell really nice, they have a variety of products and according to their web site it is clinically proven to moisturize skin. According to me it does and works great! The company is based in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, and their products are completely natural and organic,as well as cruelty-free, gluten-free, and mostly vegan. I tested out the ultra-moisturizing hand wash. This is the wash you want on hand when the kids go back to school and for winter time as it’s truly moisturizing. It doesn’t dry out your hands like most hand soap does.  I also love the body wash. It is a moisturizing body wash and is great for sensitive skin. The almond vanilla is great but it comes in lemon, berry and others as well.  The fresh and dry deodorant is the first USDA-certified deodorant on the market and I have been testing out many “natural” deodorants and this one works and comes in many fragrances as well a an unscented version. Check out all their products online. Disclosure: The company sent me the products above to review. All opinions are my own.

@NourishUSDA products

@NourishUSDA products


Get your calcium in! Exercise supplement – The Bar Method Boston @AdoraCalcium

Last week I had the opportunity to visit and take a class at The Bar Method Boston and learn more about calcium from the folks at Adora Calcium.

In celebration of national Osteoporosis awareness and education month Adora Calcium treated us to an introductory bar method fitness class at The Bar Method Boston on Clarendon Street. We learned more about how calcium plus weight bearing exercises equals strong bones.  The class was fun yet challenging and boy was I feeling it the next day!  This fun class is one way to get in your exercise.  We also received some treats in the form of a delicous calcium supplement called Adora. Each chocolate disk (choose dark or milk) provides 50% of your daily value of calcium with vitamin D3 and magnesium.  They are gluten free, have no corn syrup and no trans fats. You know you crave a sweet treat many times in the afternoon and this little chocolate disk tastes good and is good for you! Check out the information on their web site.

Disclosure: The company treated me to a class at The Bar Method Boston and provided lunch and a gift bag with samples of the calcium supplement. All opinions are my own.

Adora Calcium

Adora Calcium


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Humidifiers May reduce Airborn Flu Virus @Vicks #BehindEar

What a wonderful event today at Finale Restaurant in Boston hosted by the makers of the new Vicks behind the ear thermometer – I know… where was this when my kids were young?

Always nice to see local bloggers and the ladies from Boston Parent Bloggers and get great information.

The timing of this event was perfect as cold and flu season is approaching.  Dr. Meg Meeker was the guest speaker and she had some great tips for this upcoming cold and flu season.  I am glad that in our gift bag we did receive The NEW Vicks® Behind Ear Thermometer as I cannot wait to test it out (since we just got over strep a few weeks back hopefully I won’t need it soon….but I will let you know how I like it)

For years I was using the in the ear thermometer which my kids hated!  This is much more convenient, especially for young babies and more accurate with just a touch and no sticking anything anywhere!

Dr. Meg suggested you make sure you have these items on hand this season. She also had some great tips!

  • Stock ibuprofen and Tylenol (and you can alternate between them for fever and pain)
  • Lots of liquids for your sick kids
  • Stave a cold; feed a fever: total myth: all kids that are sick with the flu or cold need liquids
  • Utilize saline nose drops
  • Try the new Thermometer as kids won’t fight you – cannot wait to try the Behind Ear
  • If your child has a fever don’t put them in a cold bath – tepid water only
  • Use a Cold Mist humidifier when your child has a cold and use a vaporizer when they are sicker (fever, flu)
  • Keep your house clean
  • Teach your kids how to sneeze in their elbow (not in their hands or everywhere!)
  • Change toothbrushes once a month
  • Use paper cups when your kids are sick

What was most interesting is that she says to keep the humidity in your home at 40-60% . They also gave us a humidity monitor to check room levels. It is important as a new study just published in Environmental Health Journal suggests home humidifiers may play a role in reducing survival of Airborne Flu virus.  The study sponsored by Kaz, the manufacturer of Vicks brand humidifiers can be found at Environmental Health Journal

The humidifiers now are much easier to use, unlike the ones when I was a kid. Check out the different models at  Cold and Flu Shop.

Be well!!

Dr. Meg Meeker

Vicks Humidifiers


Boston Baby Beginnings – the new premier childbirth classes taught by registered nurses

Boston Baby Beginnings is the Boston Area’s premier childbirth classes exclusively taught by registered nurses. Founder and Registered Nurse with an extensive obstetrics background, Raeanne Brazee, began a mission to thoroughly educate parents-to-be about all aspects of childbirth education while keeping in mind affordability, flexibility and a relaxed small group environment.   Now THAT is a way to start a business – find a need and offer a solution!  Here is more from my conversation with Raeanne.

When did you first come up with your business idea?

As a high risk maternity nurse, I have had the pleasure of caring for many pregnant women from many different OB practices. It was apparent to me, that many of my patients that had taken a childbirth class at a big franchise where receiving more information about products and less information about childbirth.

As I did more research, I soon began to realize the flaws in childbirth education. As of today, there are no childbirth licensing standards and most certifying companies do not require instructors to have a medical background. As an obstetrical nurse with over 10 years experience, I feel it is so important to get correct information from educated professionals in their respective fields.

A very reputable Obstetrician in Boston asked if I would be interested in teaching childbirth education to her patients and the classes began to fill as other Obstetricians found out I was teaching. We take into consideration the most relevant and current course content, intimacy, affordability and flexibility. Our classes are purely educational, not geared toward selling products.

What do you wish expectant moms would know before choosing a childbirth class?

Be open minded and choose a class that is the geared towards delivering at your hospital.

Any advice for working moms? How do you balance it all?

Working as a nurse 20 hours/week, owning my own business and caring for my family has been a challenge. I sometimes have to take a step back and remind myself, I am NOT Superwoman. My best advice to other Moms/Business Owners is to be organized, flexible and do not expect others to read your mind. If you need help, just ask!


New Year’s Goals

I worked out today. Yes….I actually worked out for the first time in a while and it’s not even New Year’s Day! My gym membership was on hold due to my getting shingles right as school started! So I looked though my old exercise DVD’s and just did it (I actually found a few on VHS – what’s that???). Of course part of my inspiration were my new Nike Free Trainer 7.0 that the hubby bought me for Christmas! Love them. 

Just getting a head start on some New Years’ resolutions or as one friend pointed out today on Facebook only goals – not resolutions – I like that! Resolutions tend to get broken easily but who wants to break or mess up on a goal?  So what are your goals this year?  Me? To network more, blog more, read more, relax more and oh yea work out more! Those are just a few…..

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