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A quick Birthday visit to the beach with social distancing of course
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COVID-19 #stayathome #socialdistancing activities

It’s been a tough March and April as most families are hunkering down and staying at home due to the coronavirus. It is especially hard for parents that are working from home and having to make sure their younger kids are doing their school work and homework virtually. Both my girls are doing school work virtually and both my husband and are were already working from home. Trying to get family time in is tough as they are teenagers! Here are a few suggestions for activities if you have older kids and some of these we have done! I do like to get fresh air every once in a while with no one around so here are my top suggestions for social distancing activities.

  1. Exercise – take a stroll in your neighborhood, on a path (while social distancing of course) or check out YouTube for a fun barre class. Every day I am trying to do something active and trying to get my girls to join in!
  2. We try to do movie night as a family – we went back to some oldies the other night – Big, Clueless, Thelma and Louise – make popcorn and add some candies for a fun night.
  3. Game night – while I’d like to say we do this, we tried it once – but those with younger kids can certainly have a blast with many board games.
  4. Drive through fun – it was my birthday the other day and while you should stay at home, ordering out is one way to support local businesses. Amazingly we have only ordered out about 4 times during the months of March and April! Girls now would like to go to the drive through at Chick-fil-A. You all stay in the car and have a fun ride.
  5. Driving around your town – My husband can’t sit still and likes to get in his car and just drive around. No problem there as he is not seeing anyone. Once his friend made him some ribs and they left it in their mailbox for him to pick up. In fact if you are running out of dinner ideas do a meal swap with one close family that you know and know that you will like what they make.
  6. Finally, cleaning, organizing their spaces – My girls did this the first few days we were on the stay at home order. Every closet is organized and clothes have been donated. Our house is pretty clean for four people at home all the time!

Stay safe, enjoy the together time and we will get through this!

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Clutter Free @tidy_living #TidyLiving #sponsored

I am really into organizing this year and having just renovated my home office I want to keep the rest of my home tidy and clutter free. So glad I partnered with Tidy Living as they have a great selection of home organizing products that are now available online. The brand Tidy Living provides organization solutions to make life a little easier in every room of your home. They are the leading manufacturer and supplier of home storage, organization, garment care and laundry accessory products.

For me I tend to not throw anything out so sometimes I just hide the clutter. Plus for many it can be stressful to clean up. Tidy Living provides the tools necessary to keep your house clean, organized and clutter free. Efficiency and functionality is key to all their home organization products and each of their product lines are very innovative and affordable. The Canadian company helps to make any home efficiently organized with quality, affordability, and sustainable products. You should not have to spend a fortune to make your home look neat and clean. Tidy Living has the best selection of organization items to keep you clutter free. Here are my few favorite items from Tidy Living:

Hanging 11 compartment closet organizer – This is perfect for kids to line up their clothes for the week ahead.  It has 8 shoe holes and 3 larger sweater shelves to ensure plenty of space for all of kids’ most essential wardrobe pieces. The organizer comes equipped with 2 metal hooks and is designed to hang from any standard closet rod. $15.00

Folding laundry hamper– This is a neat looking hamper for $12.00 and it fits nicely in any room (no more white plastic bins)

20 pair shoe rack– is on sale for $6.00. it’s perfect to store those winter boots or hopefully spring is coming soon so you can line up all your sandals.

The under bed bag is great for extra storage or if you have kids heading to college this is a great solution for storing bulky items.  Comment on your favorite storage item for a chance to win this under bed bag!

Check out all the products HERE and use the code “TRENDY” to save 10% on your order. The code is active now and valid until the end of May – perfect for spring cleaning too! (This is an affiliate link, meaning that at no additional cost to you I receive a small commission from your purchase)

Disclosure: Tidy Living and I worked on an affiliate partnership and sponsored post. All opinions in this blog post are my own.


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Home office makeover #workfromhome #homeofficedecor

Finally, my home office makeover is complete!  Well, I am still looking for the perfect desk but the walls have been painted, shelves cleaned and organized and I feel refreshed and ready to work even harder this year! It is amazing what a bit of paint and clearing the clutter can do! I have worked from home for over 14 years so I had a lot of files and notebooks that stacked up. I did have some help with the organizing thanks to my friend Gretchen from The Fancy Kind. The Fancy Kind is a staging and interior decorating service outside of Boston. Gretchen is great at taking what you have in your home or office and organizing it in a way that is clutter free. My friend Julie helped with the paint selection and she has a great company called design 2 order and can consult on paint colors, interior design and help with organizational challenges and more.

Here are some photos of the home office space before and after:

My home office had not been organized in 7 years!

My home office had not been organized in 7 years!

The details are what makes my office neat and clean!

The details are what makes my office neat and clean.

All the shelves are cleaned off! It looks so much better!

All the shelves are cleaned off. It looks so much better.

Here is my home office after the makeover. My work space is much more efficient and of course tidy!

Here is my home office after the makeover. My work space is much more efficient and of course tidy.



The colors I used to decorate the office are white, pink and gray.

The colors I used to decorate the office are white, pink and gray.

I love the beach so I wanted to add in some beach themed touches to the decor.

I love the beach so I wanted to add in some beach themed touches to the decor.


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It’s a decorating thing #teens @wayfair

It is that time of year when my tween and teen decide it is time to switch up their rooms and move everything around once again! Every once in a while they also decide to NOT share their big bedroom (with the bathroom and walk in closet) and one of them decides to move to the small room. Wayfair to the rescue! They have the perfect solutions for small spaces and any space really.  Plus my kids love looking on the site for decorating ideas. I do like how the site has inspiration boards as well. I love a good white dresser and nightstand. Plus for the kids a nice vanity is something they will love. Check out the one in my daughter’s room from Wayfair. We did not add the mirror on top as we did not want to block the light coming in the window. It is small and fits perfectly in the nook.  The site has a great selection of unique finds and a ton of cute vanity/make-up stands and sets here.  If you are on the hunt for some good deals check out!

Disclosure: Wayfair sent me the vanity. All opinions in this post are my own.

cute finds @wayfair

cute finds @wayfair

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Tis the season to decorate

Christmas is coming so fast this year. How many of you had your decorations up by Thanksgiving? (I know all the retail stores did!) Each year we get a real tree but I really want an artificial one – one that I can decorate, cover and put away in the basement until next Christmas! It does take a while to decorate your home for the holidays. I have to admit I did start before Thanksgiving so that decorating the tree would not take so long. I think I am going to take steps each year to slowly decorate the whole house so it does not seem like such a chore! This year I did the decorating all by myself with a little help from the elves (my two kids). If you are looking for decorating help this season or are looking for help with your holiday party or staging call Gretchen at The Fancy Kind!  

It always helps to have extra hands (and a good eye) when it comes to decorating, staging and party planning!  Here are a few photos of my decorating skills!

Christmas Decorations!

Christmas Decorations!

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Quick ways to get your home office organized for the New Year!

It is the New Year and we all want to get organized…quickly…neatly…and….inexpensively!

So whether you have a home office, a space dedicated to working or a small nook, here are the top 5 ways to get organized quickly and on a budget.

1.  Hello bins!  Storage bins can be your friend. They do not have to cost a lot and you can visit the dollar store to find ones that suite your style.  Try to keep them in all the same color family so it looks organized!

2.  If you have multiple kids you will have multiple paperwork and I have two suggestions to keep up to date and organized on keeping track of what is due when. (this is also great for bills) A magazine holder for each child works well and stores all the paper work  (don’t pay full price for the magazine holder – look for clearance ones)  My other suggestion is to have multiple clip boards for each child and hang in a central location (and low enough so the kids can reach it and keep track)

3.  These cute little tins are ones I picked up for a dollar –  A DOLLAR @target!  They can hold paperclips, pens – the small stuff you need for your office but never have handy or like I did – store some nice pretty flowers to brighten up your office space.

4.  I love these photo boxes!  I put office items in them that I do not use regularly. If you are really organized you can add a label to the front so you know exactly what is in them.

5.  Finally, speaking of labels, if you can, invest in a label maker. It is so much fun to use and once you start you will begin to label everything and you may never have to ask again, where is that pen, business card or photo that I saved?? I love the one from  “Simply Stylish” Home & Office Labeler  and The “Simply Stylish” Home & Family Labeler is a great one too!



Colorful photo boxes

my @target bins


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Tis’ the Season to Decorate: @The Fancy Kind

I love to decorate but this year I needed a little help so I had Gretchen at The Fancy Kind  come over to my house to assess what I did so far and add her magical touch. Within 2 hours she transformed my space by adding and removing items I would have never imagined. The one tip that changed my thinking of decorating, especially for the holidays, is whenever you add a decoration remove something in return to avoid clutter.  The Fancy Kind is a home party staging service based in Bedford, MA.  If you are looking to set the stage for your family get together, intimate dinner party, holiday party or corporate event, Gretchen is the one to call.  She can transform a room from dull to spectacular and she specializes in holiday decorating. So if you need help decking the halls this season call her to make the holiday decorating a bit easier.

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Get Your Home Improvement Projects Done @HarveyBP #BPBN

Have you been planning to install new windows or doors? Well, not all are created equal. I attended a great event at Harvey Building Products at their Burlington, MA showroom (what? you have not been there?)  It is a must see at 1 Wheeler Road- lots of good ideas for home improvement projects especially for doors and windows. But I did not realize they have a lot more products.  Options for decking, siding and roofing were just some of the products we saw on our tour.  Also on hand was Peter Hotton from The Boston Globe’s handyman on call to tell us some wonderful and funny home improvement stories.

All Harvey windows, doors and patio rooms (my dream project is a nice three season room!) are made locally in NH and they stand by their products. They are the only American manufacturer that designs and makes all its own window products.  Check out their showroom and tell your contractor to as well! Homeowners can visit the showroom for ideas, suggestions and lots of advice, but Harvey sells exclusively to building industry professionals. Or check out their web site at

This is my dream front door!



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