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The Necklace

I have been a little preoccupied by the necklaces Ali Wenthworth has been wearing on the Oprah Show on Fridays.  Where can I get it?? I am so surprised no one else is talking about it!  

This season the style in necklaces is all about flowers and what is called the bib necklace.  I love them!  I checked out a few similar ones but really want to know where she got hers.  Most are expensive! But I did some digging and here are some of my favorite ones and stores that I think have really great jewelry.

I have this one from Banana Republic called the Garden statement necklace $98.00  but they might have sold out as it’s no longer on their web site and each story only received one or two

The Primrose garden necklace from J Crew is so pretty.  $115

Carol Lee Jewelry – The Floral Crystal and White Simulated Pearl Choker Necklace $350 – beautiful for special occassions….

H&M always has nice jewelry but you will have to head to your local store as they do not sell items online.

Also, check out for their necklace discussion!

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