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Ok now the latest in the pop culture phenomenon

Everyone has been talking about it! It’s on the news, facebook, etc. even Oprah was dishing about it – Snuggie

I saw the hilarious clip on the today show and everyone is making fun of it but yet it sells!  I myself would put on a sweater when cold in the house but my kids love blankets. I almost passed out the other day when my two kids said “we want snuggies!” I asked how they knew about it and they said they saw it on TV – here was the response

“Oh Mommy – you can talk on the phone with it and play games and snuggle!”

“It’s a blanket with arms! Can we get one?”

Oh boy!

I feel bad as I saw a news story the other day about the Slanket, which I guess was the first to the market (but with no infomercial). It has a lot more normal colors to choose from but it’s also more expensive at $37.99 versus the snuggie at $19.95 and one free with shipping and handling…. I have yet to test them!

Check them both out


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