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Traditions, Turkey Day, Turkey Trot and being #Thankful

Thanksgiving is almost here, time for good fun and cheer! This year we are cooking a turkey which in years past we usually buy our turkey pies from my favorite place growing up – Raymond’s Turkey Farm. My kids love their turkey pie and fixings and it’s funny as I loved it as a child too. I just was so busy that I did not have time to get there. I do love this time of year for celebrating traditions. I am trying to make fun memories for my kids and continuing on with my goal of doing something fun and different, (and to travel more – whether it’s a day trip, weekend away or vacation) we are headed to a couple fun events this coming weekend including The Boston Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker and a visit to Great Wolf Lodge! More on those fun events later.

The girls asked me if they could do the Turkey Trot in our town this year and wanted me to do it with them.  Well, I am not a runner – AT ALL – but thought this would be a fun event to do with my kids and it’s for charity (proceeds go to our local food pantry) I have been trying to run every other day but I am only up to 1.5 miles LOL. Believe me this is the most I have ever run – it’s just not my thing- I am trying though….I hope I can make it the 3 miles! So we shall see how this Thanksgiving morning tradition will go. I will not complain though as I am lucky enough to be able to run, my kids are active, my family is here for Thanksgiving so lots to be thankful for!!

What traditions do you have?




Adult Time Out

Admit it – how many times have you wanted and needed to take a time out? Just step away from your kids for just a moment to gather your thoughts and collect your composure? My husband needed to do that the other day but did not have the sense to walk away. So what did I do? He was on our master balcony on the phone so I locked him out there. Yes, I did. The kids wanted to know what was going on and I said since daddy was yelling he needed a time out. They thought that was the funniest thing ever and proceeded to torture him by not letting him inside or opening up the door even though he begged. They realized that everyone needs a time out once in a while – even the parents. He realized what was going on and eventually, quietly sat out there for a bit (it was a long way down!) He was much more calm afterwards!

hubby's time out

hubby’s time out

Realizing I locked him out!

Realizing I locked him out!


Teen Technology

Last week at the middle school open house we had a speaker talk about teen technology: what your children are using and what you need to know and it was eye-opening. We discussed this and more on 980 WCAP-AM this week.





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School Vacation, Beach Trips and more on @980wcap

This story of the missing toddler in Rockport makes me so sad.  Here is the latest from 

This week on 980 WCAP-AM we talked about the story, beach safety and more….listen in




@wcap: That Boston Accent, Spring Sports, etc.

We had a brief break from our winter sports season but hear it comes – the spring sports season and running around from activity to activity! This was the topic of this week’s report on 980 WCAP-AM.

We also talked about Boston accents – which words we forget to say our “R”s and how in certain areas of the country a “tonic” is not a sprite or cola.

Listen in…



It’s snowing! Finally!

Here it is March 1st and we finally have a winter snowfall. I didn’t really count that weird October snow storm – although it was a shock, technically it was not winter yet.  Some of you in Massachusetts got rain, some got more snow.  Some schools were cancelled, some were not. My girls were so disappointed – boo hoo! Some are even complaining about the snow fall! Not here. Isn’t it lovely?

First Winter Snow Fall


A New Puppy in the House

We have a new puppy in the house!  I have been looking for at least a year for a non-shedding dog but the prices are crazy for a puppy! I was patient, looked around and I think timing had to be right. I know the price was right for us. We found a nice woman who was breeding cockapoos and just really liked dogs (i.e she was not in it for the money!) We met the parents of the puppies, met the siblings and you could tell they were well taken care of. Plus the next day we took them to the vet to get them checked out and so far they seem healthy. Oh did I mention I roped my friend in and she came on the car ride with me and she bought my puppies’ sister?

In the past year we almost came home with two different puppies and I am glad we waited. Many people have warned me about the work a puppy entails and I do believe them now so if you are thinking of buying a puppy here is what I have learned and it has only been two days!

It is like a baby – sleeps, poops, drools, and is teething

Resist the cuteness factor – all puppies are cute (mine is adorable) but will you still think they are cute at midnight when they howl?

Some puppies can be expensive but it’s the cost after you get it home that you need to think about as well.  Visits to the vet (about $100 first time) cost of food, toys, pet beds, crates, etc can all add up quickly.

We discussed this topic on today’s interview on 980 WCAP-AM!  WCAP 11.15 Interview

Duke our new puppy!


Lessons Learned: 4 days without power

Yes, I was like many New Englanders and others along the eastern shore that lost power in the October snowstorm.  But what shocked us the most was each day we were in denial – this must be the day we are getting our power back right? How long can it last? Growing up I do not remember not having power for so long and I survived the blizzard of ’78!
Here are the top three things I learned while living 4 days without power!

It could be worse – that’s right – our home was still standing –  we were just misplaced (and dazed) for those days, wondering where we would eat and finally after two nights of staying in the house at 43 degree temperatures we had enough. But where would we, a family of 4 stay?  Which leads to my next point…..

People are SO nice and are willing to help– Many people in my community offered to take us in, simply asking, “What do you need?” People welcomed us into their homes, cooked us food and let us have a warm bed to sleep in!

Kids are resilient – Of course while my hubby and I were all out of sorts our kids were having a blast. The first morning they noticed it was cold but then ran outside to play in the snow, followed by lunch and dinner at their friends’ and our neighbors’ house, a big sleepover in mom and dad’s bed and the next day a repeat of that with the addition of no school. It got even better the third day when we were invited to stay over at another friends house and they cooked us dinner! What fun! DID NOT PHASE THEM ONE BIT. Oh yeah they were cold those mornings but were having a blast!

Also, during this time the kids seemed pretty happy (while we, the parents mumbled under our breath about the lack of power!)  There was more family togetherness and really no complaints from the kids at all. But, the hubby still would like to purchase a back-up generator for the just in case… time….


Snow in New England Before Halloween?

Everyone is shocked by the itsy bitsy dusting of snow on the ground before Halloween.  It was a surprise but hey we live in New England so expect anything. Remember the April fool’s snow storm many years back?  As I was digging through the bins of hats and mittens early this morning I thought I am so not prepared as my kids don’t have winter jackets. The kids loved seeing the snow this early and they just wore a sweatshirt and a fleece jacket with some mittens.

As I look out of my window during this Friday lunch hour at the 40 degree mark here outside of Boston I am thinking of recalculating those Halloween costumes!


Kids and cell phones and usage

Today on WCAP 980 AM we are talking kids and cell phones. How young is too young to have a cell phone? What about a recent study finding that cell phones used in shirts and pants pockets exceed FCC exposure guidelines and that children absorb twice as much microwave radiation from phones as do adults? Does texting lead to no conversations at all anymore?  We are talking kids and cell phones, texting and new technology. Listen in.

WCAP interview

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