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Holiday shopping season is coming – are you supporting women through #consciousspending? @janetkraus @uncommonthreadsboutique

Last night I attended an evening out to support the Uncommon Threads Boutique. If you don’t know about this organization check them out. This boutique style organization takes an outside-in approach to boosting women’s self-esteem through the power of clothes. I am all about women supporting women and this holiday season we should think about where we spend our money. The CEO of Peach, Janet Kraus spoke about conscious spending and how important it is in choosing to support women run companies. Peach is a women’s fashion brand supporting women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, We all love our brands but do we know about the organization behind them? Does buying those yoga pants align with your values? As Kraus mentioned companies are fueled by your dollar – think about spending where women can grow their business. 80 percent of the spending will be done within the next several months leading into the holiday season. As women it’s something to think about where your dollar is being spent. As a brand I do love Peach – I love their leggings and their casual vibe. But they also have great pieces that can transition from day time to business attire to a night out. Check them out at this link through my friend Trish’s site.

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Networking for a good cause with @KimMilesinHeels #shoesapalooza #uncommonthreads #womensnetworking #networkingforacause

I am all for a good networking event and one that benefits a good cause is even better. Kim Miles of Miles in Heel productions puts on great events and this one – a shoes a palooza to benefit Uncommon Threads was great. Local businesswomen gathered for a luncheon and brought shoes to donate to this organization. Uncommon Threads is a “boutique style” organization that takes an outside-in approach to boosting women’s self-esteem through the power of clothes. They provide domestic violence survivors and women in need with clothes that will inspire and increase self-confidence, and self-worth. You can help by donating clothing, shoes, and accessories or your time or donation! They also host events where you can help by purchasing fab clothing all to benefit Uncommon Threads. It was great to see everyone gather for a good cause.

Myself with Julie Sheridan of Design 2 Order at the Kim Miles/Miles in Heels luncheon event to benefit Uncommon Threads

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What’s in my bag? @trendymommies edition

I have many, many, many pocketbooks. I change them up each season but I mostly love my Louis Vuitton neverfull 

In the summer I carry a few Vineyard Vines  purses too. It’s always a change up! I usually try to keep my bag light but here are some must haves in my bag right now:

  1. Wallet – this small size is my favorite as it can fit in my big and small purses!
  2. Starbucks card – usually I have the app but sometimes someone nice will give me a gift card!
  3. Readers, a book and a cute, small notebook to write stuff down – yes I still carry a notebook and still have a hard copy calendar!
  4. Shout wipes – just in case!
  5. Dental Floss – although I like those tooth pick like flossers
  6. A small bag – this cute zippered one (which I think I bought at TJ Maxx is actually a pencil case – I like it as it is slim and small) and has all my lip glosses and pens in them so they don’t explode. My favorite line of lipsticks and gloss are from beautycounter and Jane Iredale
  7. Phone chargers of course are a must have item in my bag. I love this portable charger and neoprene roll up kit to store the chargers in which I received as part of the Disney Moms on the Road events! Follow along on twitter
  8. A new functional fragrance called Aromaflage. It helps to repel bugs!  So a nice fresh scent without any deet! Perfect for the summer!
  9. My new favorite protein bars are RXBars. They have great flavors and I like the kids ones too!

    Items in my pocketbook

    Items in my pocketbook

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The day has come….I need readers @Peepers_Readers #sponsored

Happy New Year –  you need glasses!  If you are over 40 and never have worn glasses before realizing you need reading glasses just sneaks up on you. That is what happened to me and then you start to accumulate reading glasses and have them in every room!  I have bought just about every reader there is out there and so glad that Peepers reading glasses sent me a pair to test out.

Peepers is a leading designer and marketer of innovative and expressive eyewear for both men and women. The designs are colorful and expressive plus they have hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. The frames are thick and sturdy and they are one of the better quality ones I have seen on the market. Extremely fashionable I received the dauntless ones in navy (which you may have seen in O, The Oprah Magazine as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!) They are a classic rectangle shape with thicker temples and a silver like sparkles in the corner of the frame and on the side for a truly bold look. This style comes in five beautiful colors so you really do have an option perfect for every outfit. The berry ones would be cute to purchases for Valentine’s Day! What I really like about Peepers readers is that they are comfortable on, especially if you do a lot of reading. Plus they come with a cute burlap like case to store them. Check out their web site as you can choose from frame shape, width, and style as well as lens style, tint and frame material.

Disclosure: Peepers readers sent me the dauntless readers to test out. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own.


Peepers readers are so colorful and come with a cute carrying case

Peepers readers are so colorful and come with a cute carrying case

Peepers readers are lightweight and provide and instant pop for any outfit. No more boring reading glasses for me!

Peepers readers are lightweight and provide and instant pop for any outfit. No more boring reading glasses for me!



@MuckBootCo A review: stylish winter boots

I love a good boot! Especially in the winter, who wants to be caught in uncomfortable, unfashionable boots and boots that don’t keep your feet warm. Not me for sure! So glad that I got to test out the Verona from The Original Muck Boot Company. Are you looking for a nice leather boot that you can wear with leggings, skirts and pants? One that is perfect to wear on snowy days AND one that you can still wear in the office or running about without that bulky snow boot feel? Then the Verona from The Original Muck Boot Company is the solution.

The Original Muck Boot Company has so many multiple styles that are comfortable yet high performance. They offer rubber and leather footwear with a mission to tackle tough conditions or just to stay warm in the winter. So whether you work or spend a lot of time outdoors (think…lawn and garden, outdoor sporting, equine) you have to check out their selection. Or even if you don’t and are looking for a great winter boot this is the place. They also have great rain boots too.

The Verona is a stylish waterproof leather women’s boot. It features 100% waterproof leather, 2mm of neoprene to keep feet warm and dry, two adjustable leather straps, and a full neoprene bootie. It really is a stylish, cute boot. I like the fact that is has a bit of an edge to it too. It is perfect to slip on to walk the dog and yet you can wear it to the office as the leather makes it a bit more dressy than traditional clunky snow boots. I actually got stopped at a store by a young woman who complemented me on how nice the boots looked! Check them out here.

Disclosure: The Original Muck Boot Company sent me a pair of the Verona to test out. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

Packaging for @Muck Bootco is sleek and stylish

Packaging for @MuckBootco is sleek and stylish


A stylish, fun trendy boot from @MuckBootCo

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Your middle schooler’s fashionable locker @lockerlookz

Fashion Locker? Yes, kids do decorate their lockers!  If you have a tween girl you know that fashion can be important when it comes to middle school. Why not have them design their locker with fun accessories and décor? They can decorate their space with a bit of help from the experts at  LockerLookz. 

It is a creative and fun way for tweens to personalize their space at school and LockerLookz offers so many different accessories to choose from.  LockerLookz offers wallpaper, rugs, bins, frames, white boards and what a way to light up a locker  – a beaded chandelier! You can buy each item individually or in kits.  I also (*I mean my tween) loves the different color selections. The company also offers a new product line including fur pillows, a storage caddy, tape dispensers and a fun candy dispenser!  All these items are perfect for the tween girls bedroom at home as well. Check out the items online.

Check out my 6th grader’s locker  – almost complete thanks to LockerLookz.

Disclosure: The company sent me some LockerLookz items to test out and review. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

Turn a drab locker into a stylish one with @LockerLookz

Turn a drab locker into a stylish one with @LockerLookz

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Winter Fashions: #Winter Boots #SickofSnow #SickofSickness

Yup…..There is more snow today and more snow on the way! Usually we have not seen snow like this back to back to back to back!  As you can see from this not so great photo, the snow keeps piling up in the front of our circle. There is just no place to put the snow! I would have taken a better photo but this is my spot for today, working from home as I am not feeling great. Let’s save the sickness post for another time as there has been some crazy viruses lingering!

In addition to my PR work I teach communications at a nearby college and so far we have had two classes cancelled. Trying to catch up has been hard. Trying to stay fashionable in this weather is even harder (it is a fashion communications course after all!) You can’t really wear nice boots in this weather and let’s face it snow boots are not the best fashion choice. Here have been my two options these last few days and I would like to change it up a bit. You know what comes up when you google fashionable snow boots? Uggs, North Face and LLBean boots – not the nicest looking boots to pair with leggings and a dress. For this dilemma I will turn to Glamour magazine. Looking to step up your snow boot selection a notch?  Here from Glamour are a few ideas!


My Bulky Snow Boots!

My Bulky Snow Boots!

Snow, snow go away!

Snow, snow go away!

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Fashion trends: My top 10 fashion musts this winter

It’s cold in Boston and even though designers and trend setters are onto spring and summer the everyday mom needs to know what to wear from now until spring!  So unto my top fashion trends for winter 2015.

1.  Fur – not real fur but faux fur. It can keep you warm and it is fun too. The fur on the runways was a bit much and in bold colors but I like a nice black or brown fur vest to layer with a turtleneck.

2.  Gold – anything in this color – use it as an accent piece and/or a scarf or sweater to brighten up your wardrobe.

3. Sportswear – my yoga friends will like this.  Get it in fleece and other fun fabrics. So now you really can go from the gym to work  in sportswear and be trendy.

4.  Khaki – think military in structured look – bingo! I have a few, fun looks in my closet right now that are warm and toasty – perfect for the weather we have been having lately  – see photo below for some ideas.

5.  Aspen chic – of course with fringe detailing and cozy knits this is perfect for the cold days ahead. If  you had to add one thing to your wardrobe this is it.

6. Shearling  – According to, “Shearling made its comeback as this season’s must-have piece.” Trends do come and go but usually there is always one that is a must and something that you can have in your wardrobe for years. This is it. This Faux Shearling coat from my closet I have had for ages. Glad I kept it!

7. Velvet – for an evening out makes a statement. I have a pair of velvet leggings I wear during the holiday season that I love.

8. Leopard – I have always loved this trend and just picked up a leopard sweater/sweatshirty top for $12.99. If you are thinking that is too much leopard for you try leopard accessories. A nice shoe – see below- a scarf or purse can add a pop of excitement to your wardrobe in anything leopard.

9. Black and White Graphic – According to “Designers presented intricately geometric patterns, Rorschach-style motifs and trompe l’œil effects. The prints of the season created hypnotic images and optical illusions.”  For the everyday woman just look for fun, striped patterns in black and white!

10. My favorite find – The Poncho –  I love this look and especially since I picked up a Burberry inspired one in the fall I am all set for the cold evenings out. I love to wear all black with my poncho and/or pair it with my red pants for a fun look.

Stay warm and trendy this winter. *Photos below taken by my 13 year old!

Leopard sweatshirt!

Leopard sweatshirt just purchased for $12.99

military inspired sweater jacket

military inspired sweater jacket

Leopard accessories from my closet!

Leopard accessories from my closet!

Must have cape from trendymommies closet!

Must have Poncho from trendymommies closet!


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Need to charge your iphone asap? #Mighty Purse to the rescue!

Summer is the time for travel, fun and go, go, go.  How many times have you been some place to snap a photo with your iphone or call someone and the phone’s battery died. ugh!! Thanks to the creative minds at Handbag Butler there is a fashionable way to charge your phone without carrying a bunch of power cords or asking if anyone has a outlet.  The Mighty Purse is the original purse that charges your smart phone on the go. It comes in so many fun colors and textures (most in real leather) and you can fit not only your phone but other small items as well.  Each wristlet type purse (with removable wrist strap) contains a rechargeable battery pack with micro-USB cable to charge your smart phone. It is rechargeable via any USB port. Charge the purse, drop your phone in and you have the power built right in to charger anytime you need it.  So if you are traveling or heading out for the evening you always have a charger right in your bag.  Plus it’s a really cute purse too. The one in the photo is the two tone snake print! I just love this idea and convenience as I have been gone all day at meetings without any access to a power and it would have helped to have this. Pick up one in a fun color and always stay fashionable while your phone stays charged!

#MIghtyPurse by @Handbagbutler

#MightyPurse by @Handbagbutler

Love all the details in the MightyPurse!

Love all the details in the MightyPurse!










Disclosure: The company sent me a purse to review. All opinions are my own.



Summer is almost here Love my @cabanalife gear

I just love fashionable summer clothes. Especially fashionable summer clothes with a purpose and an SPF! Cabana Life has great protective hats, cover ups and beachwear for the whole family and they are all very stylish and functional.

A rashguard is a great way to stay covered up but I never found one that I like or that looked good on, until now. This ruched one in a bright blue color can also double as a dress in the instance you leave the beach or pool for a quick lunch or shopping trip. Simply pull the stings on the side to wear longer or shorter as either a shirt or dress and you are good to go. It also has an SPF 50 built into the fabric so you are protected too.

The Blue Cove hat is the best one I have seen and it looks great on! With a wide brim (5.5″ ) it is a perfect addition to your rashguard.

They have a variety of cover-ups, hats, accessories and beach bags to choose from too. What I love most is you can get a matching tunic cover-up for your daughter and yourself. Stay sun-safe this summer!

Disclosure: The company sent me the hat and rashguard to review. All opinions are my own.

@cabanalife SPF clothing is functional and fashionable

@cabanalife SPF clothing is functional and fashionable




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