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Holiday Shopping has started! Need my @somaIntimates pajamas #sponsored

Yes, I started decorating for the holiday season and yes, I started my Christmas shopping. Agree with me or not I have always started shopping early as well as decorated early. Christmas is my favorite holiday! The tradition of gifting pjs has continued in this family. I do tend to go overboard and buy multiple sets for my girls. While I may throw on a fleece or flannel pajama bottom to wear around the house, I HAVE to actually sleep in my favorite brand – Soma Intimates pajamas – Cool Nights. I have a few cool nights sets and one day I noticed my older daughter wearing them! She said, “these are the most comfy pajama pants” and I agree! And while sometimes she will go for matchy, matchy pjs – I thought this season we should buy complementary colors. Soma sent me these adorable pants – I do like the ankle type bottom. What is also nice is they have mix and match pjs sets, which is perfect for the holiday season. Soma also has pjs sets on sale right now. Check them out here. The cool nights tops and pants are super soft, keep you comfy and dry all night – made with 93% rayon, 7% spandex, they are machine washable.

Disclosure – Soma sent me two pairs of pants to test out and review. As always all opinions in this blog post are my own.


New year new bra? # @trueandcompany #trueandco

It’s not something I talk about every day – bras. But lately I have been feeling not so great in a bra that has been sized for me. Every once in a while I go to a certain store and get resized/fitted and each and every time it’s different. What’s not different is the uncomfortable wire bras they try to sell me. That is why I was so excited to work with True & Co. They are a new kind of intimate apparel brand based on one simple ideal: for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin. I have been looking for a more comfortable bra. Wire bras just bug me lately! On the weekends I will wear a sports bra to lounge around in, but most of them are not comfortable to wear all day. True & Co has a wonderful bra called the Second Skin and say it’s like naked, but better. The Second Skin™ hugs your curves and disappears under clothes. It is a pull over, which generally I do not like but once you have it on it feels like you are wearing nothing. No straps digging into you as it’s all once piece. I have tested out no wire bras before but they tend to dig in and hurt even without a wire. This one has no wire, elastic or bulky seams. It is very comfortable and offers double layers for extra smoothing. It is not flimsy by any means and has nice light support and removable pads.

I also got to test out the New Alice Easy Fit pullover bra in charcoal. It is like a sports bra only prettier, supportive and it does not flatten. It is meant for when you do not feel like wearing a bra but it still flatters. I call this my new weekend bra lol! The site has very nice lingerie and you can even take a fit quiz that provides guidance on size and styles. They have try on tents coming up in New York, where you book a complimentary personal fit appointment. Check out all the items online.


Disclosure: True & Co sent me a couple bras to test out. All opinions are my own.

Super comfy bras from True & Co.

Super comfy bras from True & Co.



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A Holiday Tradition – pajamas @SomaIntimates #pajamasallday #gifted

Every year growing up my mom would let me open one present on Christmas Eve and I knew it was a pair of pajamas. I have since started that tradition with my girls as well (even matching ones too).  I love a nice pj set and now that I am older I cannot wear any fleece or flannel – just too hot at night! So glad that Soma Intimates sent me their cool nights pjs to test out. Not all pajamas are created equal! These ones are the best.

Moms – you will love them and dads – they are the must have gift this holiday season. They are super soft, comfy and keep you cool at night. If you buy a solid color no one will know they are pajamas! You will want to lounge in them all weekend. The jingle plaid is a festive but no too over the top for the holidays and I love the short sleeved black shirt. I am a more traditional pj lover – no funky prints for me. Soma also sent me a grey pair which is cute, comfy and makes for perfect lounge wear as well.  The soma brand began in 2004 and sells on trend lingerie and loungewear as well as beauty products.#pajamasallday is what I love during the holiday season!

Check them out! There is still time to shop online!

Disclosure:  Soma sent me two pairs of pajamas to test out. As always all opinions in the blog post are my own.

Soma pjs are the best

Soma pjs are the best






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Fashion trends: My top 10 fashion musts this winter

It’s cold in Boston and even though designers and trend setters are onto spring and summer the everyday mom needs to know what to wear from now until spring!  So unto my top fashion trends for winter 2015.

1.  Fur – not real fur but faux fur. It can keep you warm and it is fun too. The fur on the runways was a bit much and in bold colors but I like a nice black or brown fur vest to layer with a turtleneck.

2.  Gold – anything in this color – use it as an accent piece and/or a scarf or sweater to brighten up your wardrobe.

3. Sportswear – my yoga friends will like this.  Get it in fleece and other fun fabrics. So now you really can go from the gym to work  in sportswear and be trendy.

4.  Khaki – think military in structured look – bingo! I have a few, fun looks in my closet right now that are warm and toasty – perfect for the weather we have been having lately  – see photo below for some ideas.

5.  Aspen chic – of course with fringe detailing and cozy knits this is perfect for the cold days ahead. If  you had to add one thing to your wardrobe this is it.

6. Shearling  – According to, “Shearling made its comeback as this season’s must-have piece.” Trends do come and go but usually there is always one that is a must and something that you can have in your wardrobe for years. This is it. This Faux Shearling coat from my closet I have had for ages. Glad I kept it!

7. Velvet – for an evening out makes a statement. I have a pair of velvet leggings I wear during the holiday season that I love.

8. Leopard – I have always loved this trend and just picked up a leopard sweater/sweatshirty top for $12.99. If you are thinking that is too much leopard for you try leopard accessories. A nice shoe – see below- a scarf or purse can add a pop of excitement to your wardrobe in anything leopard.

9. Black and White Graphic – According to “Designers presented intricately geometric patterns, Rorschach-style motifs and trompe l’œil effects. The prints of the season created hypnotic images and optical illusions.”  For the everyday woman just look for fun, striped patterns in black and white!

10. My favorite find – The Poncho –  I love this look and especially since I picked up a Burberry inspired one in the fall I am all set for the cold evenings out. I love to wear all black with my poncho and/or pair it with my red pants for a fun look.

Stay warm and trendy this winter. *Photos below taken by my 13 year old!

Leopard sweatshirt!

Leopard sweatshirt just purchased for $12.99

military inspired sweater jacket

military inspired sweater jacket

Leopard accessories from my closet!

Leopard accessories from my closet!

Must have cape from trendymommies closet!

Must have Poncho from trendymommies closet!



What’s in your closet? @QVC comfy, trendy and easy to wear pieces for the holiday

No idea what to wear to the office when you have an evening gathering after work? What about what to wear for a fun shopping trip with the girls? QVC to the rescue. I don’t normally shop via the television but every once in a while I will be channel surfing and have noticed lately, they have some really nice items (plus you can go online to shop too)

Every year right before the holidays I head out with my two grade school friends for a shopping trip. I need something fun, fashionable and comfy to wear and here it is! These pieces from @QVC are really nice. I have worn the leather leggings on a number of occasions and get complements every time I wear them. Plus there are the most comfortable (not sticky) faux leather ones I have seen!

I am petite so I usually wear a heal anywhere I go and that is why the Sole Society Keyla Leather Hidden Wedge Ankle Boots is perfect. They are comfortable but the wedge gives me a bit of height! Top off the outfit with the Nicole Richie Collection Chiffon Top w Neckline Embellishment and it is an outfit for a day of shopping or an evening out. What I like about the top is the neckline detail as it is essentially a built in necklace. Simply add a pair of gold hoops and that is all you need to head out the door. Check QVC out online or the next time you are channel surfing! Prices on the items are below! Ignore all items in my messy closet… Maybe I need a closet organizer to help me out? lol!

Disclosure: QVC sent me the items to wear and test out. All opinions are my own.


Nicole Richie Collection Chiffon Top w Neckline Embellishment
QVC Item #A257594
Approximately $89.75
SA by Seth Aaron Faux Leather Slim Legging with Seaming Detail
QVC Item #A258748
Approximately $56.00
Sole Society Keyla Leather Hidden Wedge Ankle Boots
QVC Item #A258083
Approximately $100.00


Clothing items from @QVC

Clothing items from @QVC






Must have winter gear @NECN

Baby it’s cold outside!  If you have to be outside for long periods of time, work outside or just want some great items to keep you warm during the arctic vortex, check out on @NECN.


Fall into Fitness: My Fitness Goals, @PlanetShoes #fit4fall

So my fitness goal for the fall was to start back up exercising. As lame as it sounds I get very little exercise in the summer in a structured way. Kids are home and combine that with work and their activities I tend to not head to a gym but rather get my exercise from any various activities we may do as a family (bike ride, surfing, etc.) When planet shoes asked me to participate in their sole sisters blogger campaign for their get fit challenge I was so excited. They would send me a new pair of sneakers and I would be motivated to start exercising again.  It has been a slow start (see picture below!)  I am having not only a hard time motivating myself but my dog as well!.

In all seriousness I do have fitness goals – but they are small. I wanted to walk the dog at least a mile every day. Now I am starting to up that and yesterday we went for a two mile walk. Today I even jogged with the dog! So the goal now is to vary the walks – not the same route, walk fast, uphill jog, etc. just to mix it up a bit.  I also want to head back to my dance classes at idance boston

They have unique dance classes that I was attending regularly but it did not seem like a workout!  I am not sure I can do a 5k (why does it seem like EVERYONE is participating in a 5k, mud run, 10k etc.) (I am not a runner so these events scare me!)  There is even talk with my fellow bloggers to participate in a walk/run. I would be on the fast walk side! Well, with my new bright sneakers from skechers and with my fury walking buddy I think I could add a formal race to my list so stay tuned!

#FallFitnessFail  #Fit4Fall

#FallFitnessFail #Fit4Fall












Disclosure:  Planet Shoes sent me a pair of sneakers to test out and help me with my fitness goals. All opinions are my own.









Fall Fashions #DiscoverMC @middlesexcommon @Burlington_Rack @Nordstroms_Rack

Well, technically it still is summer but that does not mean you can’t fit in a little fall shopping fun! Alana @goodgrlgoneblog helped me choose a couple fun outfits for back to school (I mean for fall!) at Nordstroms Rack in Burlington. They have the best selection of designer clothes at affordable prices.

In early September it is so hard to think about fall clothes as we live in New England and the weather could be hot!  I always look for transitional pieces for this time – think lightweight, yet neutral.  I chose one dressy outfit – a black and white dress. I can wear it now and when the colder weather hits I will just add leggings, boots, a leather jacket or black sweater. Really, this dress can be worn all year.  The second outfit is more casual. With the neutral lightweight tank and top it can be worn now as well as into the colder weather. I also found a pair of Joe’s legging jeans (my favorite!) to complete the look.  What do you think?

You can win a fall fashion shopping spree at Middlesex Common for $250!   Check out their facebook page or enter here to win.


Disclosure: Middlesex Commons, Burlington provided me the budget to purchase the two outfits below. All opinions in this post are my own.

Fall Fashion

Fall Fashion




Drop off/bus stop mom fashions?

I saw this story the other day on the Huffington Post  about celebrities’ style while they drop off their kids at school. Come on…. I know you have looked at one or two photos of celebrities to see what they are wearing in everyday life.  For some it’s like a runway when they drop off their kids at school. For us in the suburbs not so much.

There is actually a site called Haute Drop Off  a fashion blog/photo series of fashionable parents at school drop-offs. Now I know some of you will say, who cares? What? Really? a site about what moms wear to drop off their kids? Let me take a peek. but that is just me. I may have worn sweat pants to my bus stop once or twice (only my neighbor knows for sure!)  I have friends who wear sweat pants and pj pants to the bus stop and you know what? Who cares what you wear?  Style is very personal – some people like to dress up and others want to be comfortable – it is an individual choice.  Enjoy your bus stop fashions not matter what you wear!

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Back to school preparations!

For some there is only two weeks left of summer vacation!  Time to get the school supplies, pick out a few outfits for school and get the kids in some sort of routine! That is what we discussed on this week’s trendymommies segment on 980 WCAP!



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