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What’s in my bag? @trendymommies edition

I have many, many, many pocketbooks. I change them up each season but I mostly love my Louis Vuitton neverfull 

In the summer I carry a few Vineyard Vines  purses too. It’s always a change up! I usually try to keep my bag light but here are some must haves in my bag right now:

  1. Wallet – this small size is my favorite as it can fit in my big and small purses!
  2. Starbucks card – usually I have the app but sometimes someone nice will give me a gift card!
  3. Readers, a book and a cute, small notebook to write stuff down – yes I still carry a notebook and still have a hard copy calendar!
  4. Shout wipes – just in case!
  5. Dental Floss – although I like those tooth pick like flossers
  6. A small bag – this cute zippered one (which I think I bought at TJ Maxx is actually a pencil case – I like it as it is slim and small) and has all my lip glosses and pens in them so they don’t explode. My favorite line of lipsticks and gloss are from beautycounter and Jane Iredale
  7. Phone chargers of course are a must have item in my bag. I love this portable charger and neoprene roll up kit to store the chargers in which I received as part of the Disney Moms on the Road events! Follow along on twitter
  8. A new functional fragrance called Aromaflage. It helps to repel bugs!  So a nice fresh scent without any deet! Perfect for the summer!
  9. My new favorite protein bars are RXBars. They have great flavors and I like the kids ones too!

    Items in my pocketbook

    Items in my pocketbook

fashions, purses

Need to charge your iphone asap? #Mighty Purse to the rescue!

Summer is the time for travel, fun and go, go, go.  How many times have you been some place to snap a photo with your iphone or call someone and the phone’s battery died. ugh!! Thanks to the creative minds at Handbag Butler there is a fashionable way to charge your phone without carrying a bunch of power cords or asking if anyone has a outlet.  The Mighty Purse is the original purse that charges your smart phone on the go. It comes in so many fun colors and textures (most in real leather) and you can fit not only your phone but other small items as well.  Each wristlet type purse (with removable wrist strap) contains a rechargeable battery pack with micro-USB cable to charge your smart phone. It is rechargeable via any USB port. Charge the purse, drop your phone in and you have the power built right in to charger anytime you need it.  So if you are traveling or heading out for the evening you always have a charger right in your bag.  Plus it’s a really cute purse too. The one in the photo is the two tone snake print! I just love this idea and convenience as I have been gone all day at meetings without any access to a power and it would have helped to have this. Pick up one in a fun color and always stay fashionable while your phone stays charged!

#MIghtyPurse by @Handbagbutler

#MightyPurse by @Handbagbutler

Love all the details in the MightyPurse!

Love all the details in the MightyPurse!










Disclosure: The company sent me a purse to review. All opinions are my own.


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Last Minute Gifts, Stocker Stuffer ideas @NECN

Tis’ the season for running around at the last minute…fa la la la la!

This morning on New England Cable News we were discussing stocking stuffer gift ideas. Here are some of the great finds we absolutely love!

  • Bloom Black – it’s a pony tail holder made to look like jewelry on your wrist.  What  a great invention – how many of you have a black pony tail holder on your wrist right now?? Buy these chic ones and you’ll never be embarrassed again with a line of hair ties on your wrist!
  • Speaking of hair ties, has great handcrafted ponytail holders ($12.00)  and wrist cuffs ($33.00 and up)  – perfect for your teens.
  • I love This line is a favorite of mine as their products are made with vitamins, minerals and natural fruit and plant extracts and they are formulated without parabens, phthalates and synthetic fragrances. puttin’ on the glitz limited-edition color collection & clutch is worth it as it is a clutch and has THREE compacts that you can choose from ($48.00)
  • If you want to give your little princess a little bling try Ostbye: Little Diva Diamonds™ collection:  They retail for under $150 and the company offers pendants, bracelets, and earrings. Each piece features a real diamond and sterling silver design.
  • It seems a lot of kids this season are requesting watches.  RUBR watches – Interchangeable, fun, colorful watches  ($25)
  • Bike is great for kids.  It’s a fun, safe way to light up your bike. ($25.00)

Here are some organic finds:

  • Glee is a company is based in Providence, RI that makes all natural, no preservatives,  fun,  flavored gum. The make your own chewing gum makes 50 sticks – all ingredients in the kit including the pan  ($13.00)
  • For your artists – Glob IT paint set  all natural colors made from fruits and veggies, flowers and spices ($15.00)
  • Kids love hot chocolate so they will need a reusable cup: is a  BPA free, kids re-usable cup for hot cocoa  ($10.00)

We love our treats during the holidays and these are sure to bring a smile on a child’s face or a great gift to bring to your neighbors or anyone you visit this season.

  • An Osterville, MA mom created my little cup cake –– these are very trendy. They have no bake recopies on their web site . The cake pop mold is fun and easy to use  ($5.95)
  • Lake Champlain chocolates – fresh, all natural from VT starting at 10 dollars
  • Other fun candy like Rudolf’s boogers (ha, ha)  can be found at:
  • Dancing is a favorite of mine. Based in Boston but available online and at Whole Foods, these Whole Grain Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best. The Whole Grain PB& J squares are new. The sward winning Chocolate Chunk Brownies have been named “America’s Best Tasting Brownie” based on a recent blind taste test in City Hall Plaza, Boston and a national consumer survey. They all come in the perfect stocking stuffer size)

Tomorrow we will tackle the toy list and warm weather fashions and accessories!

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Mom Travel Tips

I was so excited to be traveling yesterday for a presentation and I thought I was prepared. That was until I was stuck at the airport for 4.5 hours!  Of course I had my hand sanitizer and wipes and a change of clothes and comfy shoes. After realizing I did not have the proper bag to fit the accumulating magazines and chocolate I kept buying (how many chocolate stores can one airport have?) I found myself wandering through those travel stores to see what’s in store.  Here is what I wish I had with me.

A bag on wheels.  Even though I only went for the day shelping though the airport with a bag that I just kept adding stuffy to only weighed me down. Here is a cute one from baggallini a rolling tote! I like how it has three separate compartments: one designed for your clothes, one for cosmetics and a center compartment for your laptop, paperwork and room for accessories and additional clothing! The company was founded by flight attendants so they know a good bag.  The day tripper bag is also perfect.

I am a stickler about bringing on a carry on bag that has a FULL zipper. At some point in my life I must have lost items on a plane and was tramatized.  Can you believe out of the many bags I own only one was big enough? Geese I think I need a new bag!

Here’s a tote to go from Brookstone, If you are like me and tend to accumulate stuff in the airport – but I just had to have that Oprah mug – this one is great!  I like it as it folds down to a tiny square so you can put it in another bag and use it when you need it.

Of course if you hate to dig in your bag to locate an item try one of the purse organizers. I love purseket. I also adore this purse to go by purse bling.  

Happy travels!

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What’s in your bag?

I love how US weekly interviews celebs and shows what’s inside their pocketbooks. I have a ton of stuff in mine (as you can see) but now it’s nice and neat and easy to reach thanks to Jen Groover’s invention The Butler Bag. She created the world’s first compartmentalized bag.

What a great idea!  Each of your items fits into the different slots inside the bag so they are easy to reach. No more digging at the bottom of your purse for keys! Can you believe she thought of this idea by putting a dishwasher tray right in her purse? I just made over the contents of my purse and here are my must have items to keep in my handbag:

My wallet, keys and iphone of course!

My favorite lip balm and lip gloss by Tarte and Alba coconut cream lip gloss

Mini first aid kit with Neosporin

CleanWell hand sanitizer and wet ones hand wipes

Nail file and mini hair brush/comb

Pen and notebook

Listerine breath strips and when my kids don’t swipe it – GUM

My all time favorite hand cream Arbonne FC5 ultra-hydrating hand cream


My purse dilemma

I am always switching bags – big bag to small bag, small bag to big bag – it never ends! That is why I am loving these items.

Everyone needs a purseket! Nice and neat – everything fits in perfectly and you can transfer from bag to bag!

Now onto the problem of how to store your bags. has several to choose from but I like the hanging purse organizer.

Perfect storage solutions to keep busy moms organized!

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