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Annmarie SeldonAnnmarie Seldon has over 20 years of communication, public relations, public speaking and broadcast experience. As a regular spokesperson for consumer product companies she can speak to trends, offer insights into new products, understands product manufacturing and knows what makes a product and story sell. As a former television reporter and anchor, she also knows what topics are newsworthy and what elements constitute a story. Annmarie is principal of AMS Communications, a marketing and PR consulting practice specializing in consumer products. As a trend expert and Family Lifestyle Contributor to publications and TV and radio stations, she is available for interviews and reporting on business, lifestyle and product trends and topics of interest to moms. As a working mother of two children, she is also an expert on mom style, natural beauty products and she knows how to stay on the pulse of what is necessary, hip, modern, and must-have to balance it all.

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