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I was so excited to be traveling yesterday for a presentation and I thought I was prepared. That was until I was stuck at the airport for 4.5 hours!  Of course I had my hand sanitizer and wipes and a change of clothes and comfy shoes. After realizing I did not have the proper bag to fit the accumulating magazines and chocolate I kept buying (how many chocolate stores can one airport have?) I found myself wandering through those travel stores to see what’s in store.  Here is what I wish I had with me.

A bag on wheels.  Even though I only went for the day shelping though the airport with a bag that I just kept adding stuffy to only weighed me down. Here is a cute one from baggallini a rolling tote! I like how it has three separate compartments: one designed for your clothes, one for cosmetics and a center compartment for your laptop, paperwork and room for accessories and additional clothing! The company was founded by flight attendants so they know a good bag.  The day tripper bag is also perfect.

I am a stickler about bringing on a carry on bag that has a FULL zipper. At some point in my life I must have lost items on a plane and was tramatized.  Can you believe out of the many bags I own only one was big enough? Geese I think I need a new bag!

Here’s a tote to go from Brookstone, If you are like me and tend to accumulate stuff in the airport – but I just had to have that Oprah mug – this one is great!  I like it as it folds down to a tiny square so you can put it in another bag and use it when you need it.

Of course if you hate to dig in your bag to locate an item try one of the purse organizers. I love purseket. I also adore this purse to go by purse bling.  

Happy travels!

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