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Need to charge your iphone asap? #Mighty Purse to the rescue!

Summer is the time for travel, fun and go, go, go.  How many times have you been some place to snap a photo with your iphone or call someone and the phone’s battery died. ugh!! Thanks to the creative minds at Handbag Butler there is a fashionable way to charge your phone without carrying a bunch of power cords or asking if anyone has a outlet.  The Mighty Purse is the original purse that charges your smart phone on the go. It comes in so many fun colors and textures (most in real leather) and you can fit not only your phone but other small items as well.  Each wristlet type purse (with removable wrist strap) contains a rechargeable battery pack with micro-USB cable to charge your smart phone. It is rechargeable via any USB port. Charge the purse, drop your phone in and you have the power built right in to charger anytime you need it.  So if you are traveling or heading out for the evening you always have a charger right in your bag.  Plus it’s a really cute purse too. The one in the photo is the two tone snake print! I just love this idea and convenience as I have been gone all day at meetings without any access to a power and it would have helped to have this. Pick up one in a fun color and always stay fashionable while your phone stays charged!

#MIghtyPurse by @Handbagbutler
#MightyPurse by @Handbagbutler
Love all the details in the MightyPurse!
Love all the details in the MightyPurse!










Disclosure: The company sent me a purse to review. All opinions are my own.


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