Adult Time Out

Admit it – how many times have you wanted and needed to take a time out? Just step away from your kids for just a moment to gather your thoughts and collect your composure? My husband needed to do that the other day but did not have the sense to walk away. So what did I do? He was on our master balcony on the phone so I locked him out there. Yes, I did. The kids wanted to know what was going on and I said since daddy was yelling he needed a time out. They thought that was the funniest thing ever and proceeded to torture him by not letting him inside or opening up the door even though he begged. They realized that everyone needs a time out once in a while – even the parents. He realized what was going on and eventually, quietly sat out there for a bit (it was a long way down!) He was much more calm afterwards!

hubby's time out
hubby’s time out
Realizing I locked him out!
Realizing I locked him out!

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