A New Puppy in the House

We have a new puppy in the house!  I have been looking for at least a year for a non-shedding dog but the prices are crazy for a puppy! I was patient, looked around and I think timing had to be right. I know the price was right for us. We found a nice woman who was breeding cockapoos and just really liked dogs (i.e she was not in it for the money!) We met the parents of the puppies, met the siblings and you could tell they were well taken care of. Plus the next day we took them to the vet to get them checked out and so far they seem healthy. Oh did I mention I roped my friend in and she came on the car ride with me and she bought my puppies’ sister?

In the past year we almost came home with two different puppies and I am glad we waited. Many people have warned me about the work a puppy entails and I do believe them now so if you are thinking of buying a puppy here is what I have learned and it has only been two days!

It is like a baby – sleeps, poops, drools, and is teething

Resist the cuteness factor – all puppies are cute (mine is adorable) but will you still think they are cute at midnight when they howl?

Some puppies can be expensive but it’s the cost after you get it home that you need to think about as well.  Visits to the vet (about $100 first time) cost of food, toys, pet beds, crates, etc can all add up quickly.

We discussed this topic on today’s interview on 980 WCAP-AM!  WCAP 11.15 Interview

Duke our new puppy!

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