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Snow got to you yet? Try a massage @MassageEnvy

We tried it and loved it! I am sure we are all done with snow and the aches and pains that come along with it. Maybe you forgot that Valentine’s Day is coming up so why not treat yourself to a massage or treat your hubby to one!

Massage Envy Spa has some great services and they also are a membership spa. What is really nice is you can join and then decide each month if you want a massage or facial. I had not had a massage in years and while it took time to relax the benefits afterwards were great. I was calm and ready for bed! You can customize your massage with what you need – a deep tissue, sports massage, foot massage or prenatal. They even have a sugar foot scrub therapy as an add on. I opted for a regular massage with a focus on cranial sacral therapy as I do get headaches a lot.  For Valentine’s Day why not try it? They also have a room where you can get side by side massages!  They do offer a three month special at $179.97 if you want to try it out. The monthly membership dues are $59.99 and if another family member joins they can add on for $49.99. This is the perfect gift for this long winter.  And for all you wondering if your guy will like it – he will – especially if he has been shoveling for the last few weeks!

Disclosure: Massage Envy sent my husband and I gift cards for the massage. All opinions are my own.

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