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Humidifiers May reduce Airborn Flu Virus @Vicks #BehindEar

What a wonderful event today at Finale Restaurant in Boston hosted by the makers of the new Vicks behind the ear thermometer – I know… where was this when my kids were young?

Always nice to see local bloggers and the ladies from Boston Parent Bloggers and get great information.

The timing of this event was perfect as cold and flu season is approaching.  Dr. Meg Meeker was the guest speaker and she had some great tips for this upcoming cold and flu season.  I am glad that in our gift bag we did receive The NEW Vicks® Behind Ear Thermometer as I cannot wait to test it out (since we just got over strep a few weeks back hopefully I won’t need it soon….but I will let you know how I like it)

For years I was using the in the ear thermometer which my kids hated!  This is much more convenient, especially for young babies and more accurate with just a touch and no sticking anything anywhere!

Dr. Meg suggested you make sure you have these items on hand this season. She also had some great tips!

  • Stock ibuprofen and Tylenol (and you can alternate between them for fever and pain)
  • Lots of liquids for your sick kids
  • Stave a cold; feed a fever: total myth: all kids that are sick with the flu or cold need liquids
  • Utilize saline nose drops
  • Try the new Thermometer as kids won’t fight you – cannot wait to try the Behind Ear
  • If your child has a fever don’t put them in a cold bath – tepid water only
  • Use a Cold Mist humidifier when your child has a cold and use a vaporizer when they are sicker (fever, flu)
  • Keep your house clean
  • Teach your kids how to sneeze in their elbow (not in their hands or everywhere!)
  • Change toothbrushes once a month
  • Use paper cups when your kids are sick

What was most interesting is that she says to keep the humidity in your home at 40-60% . They also gave us a humidity monitor to check room levels. It is important as a new study just published in Environmental Health Journal suggests home humidifiers may play a role in reducing survival of Airborne Flu virus.  The study sponsored by Kaz, the manufacturer of Vicks brand humidifiers can be found at Environmental Health Journal

The humidifiers now are much easier to use, unlike the ones when I was a kid. Check out the different models at  Cold and Flu Shop.

Be well!!

Dr. Meg Meeker
Vicks Humidifiers

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