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What are you wearing? Trends for Spring

Happy Spring!  Hopefully the snow we just got yesterday will melt quickly! Each season I switch my closets and I cannot wait until the weather gets warmer. What trends/colors are you excited about this spring? Here are the top 5 trends that are on my must have list.

1.  Black & White – Whether it’s a skirt or a sweater, the trend of black and white looks crisp and sleek. Luckily I own a few nice pieces already – see my photos below. I also love the look of black and white polka dots.

2.  Florals – flowers are a big trend this spring (it reminds me of the 80’s!) Check out Ann Taylor or for inspiration

3.  Silver – Especially on accessories this will work for day or night dressing. It looks especially chic when combined with white.

4. Sheer – You have to be careful with this one. Try a more subtle shirt with sheer side panels poking through.

5.  Global – this influence of exotic, colorful prints just pop! Try it in a scarf or a cute pair of shorts if you cannot embrace a full dress.

Black & White for Spring!


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