Snow Day: no springy blog posting here

This is the picture of what I woke up to this morning.

A spring snow day!

We interrupt this blog posting that was slated for today on what to wear on the first day or spring to bring you: “what to do on this snow day and what are you wearing in the freezing cold day” blog post.  geeze…just when you think you are safe to bring out the spring clothes mother nature dumps a pile of snow the day before the first day of spring and adds another snow day so the kids are off from school today.  Thank goodness I did not switch over my winter closet to the spring closet the other day as today I am wearing my fleece leggings, cuddle duds and fleece turtle neck and of course still ugg boots (yeah, I realize they are not trendy but they are warm, so there!)  Luckily my husband is working from home today so we are switching off checking email, calls, work business to tend to the dozens of arguments that have already took place this morning. It is only 9:30. So here is what we have on the agenda today for the kids last snow day off from school of the season (yes, this WILL be the last snow day,so enjoy!)

1.  Play in the snow – have to enjoy it while it is here cause warm weather is right around the corner!

2. Bake something – ok, you all know I am not the bake from scratch person and luckily I have a brownie mix and cinnamon rolls readily available!

3.  We are going to make sure all is set for school tomorrow early, so there is no running around at the last minute tonight and we can enjoy a family movie tonight – red box here we come!

4.  I knew I saved the hot chocolate kit for something special. This kit I bought after the holidays comes complete with big square marshmallows and peppermint sticks! yum!

5.  The kids love to walk in the neighborhood after the snow fall and check on our neighbors and we will probably have the neighborhood kids over to play outside or quietly inside.

ok! That will take us about 1 hour so any more suggestions on what to do for the next 8 hours on this snow day?  lol!


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