Saint Patty’s Day -Traditions?

I feel bad. While my kids and I did wear green yesterday, we were so busy that we did not celebrate Saint Patty’s Day the way it should be celebrated!  Or should I say, they kept reminding me about putting their shoes by the door so they could get their chocolate treats day.  How do they hear about these things? Is that really a tradition?  I know about wearing green and wearing a shamrock but green food? I did love seeing the green bagels when I ran to grab us breakfast sandwiches in the morning and my husband did stop at a local bar for corned beef and cabbage, but no parade for us or Irish songs.

Today is a great celebration for us as we celebrate my dad’s 85th birthday! My sister told me yesterday he was to be a Saint Patty’s day baby but my grandmother didn’t seem to mind he came a day late (she was Italian, born in Italy, his dad’s family was from Scotland as was my mother’s father. It was my mother’s side – her mother’s mother that was Irish – are you still following?) I know everyone is a wee bit Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day!  Anyway… my kids get to see grandpa, celebrate with a big turkey pie (more on turkey pie Monday in another blog post) and of course have a nice cake to celebrate!  Our family tradition we started a few years ago with the sister’s birthdays is we take each other out to lunch and the person’s who’s birthday it is gets to pick the place.  Last week the four sisters got together to take my dad out for lunch. He loves this tradition! What are you holiday/family traditions?


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