Weddings have changed too!

Last week I wrote about how baby showers have changed and this past weekend I went to a wedding and the whole experience was wonderful and just a great time for all of us (yes, the kids were invited and yes, they were well behaved and had a great time as well) Here are some of the things that were quite different than when we got married (almost 16 years ago)

1.  We were welcomed to our hotel room with gift bags! Yes, the kids received them too. Most of the people from our wedding were not from out of town but this nice touch really made my kids feel welcome.  We stayed at the Cranwell Resort and Spa and it was grand!  The wedding was here too and it was truly a destination!

2. Not only was the cake outstanding but chocolate seemed to be a theme. They had an after party after the reception but it was too late for us but the mother of the bride gave my girls a sweet present of S’mores and chocolate wrapped up so they felt like they didn’t miss out.  The cake was from Chocolate Springs Cafe in Lenox and we visited there and bought some chocolate! It was gone in 20 minutes and tasted so good. It was THE best chocolate I have had in a long time!

3.  Flip Flops – I know this has been a trend for a while but not when I got married. There was a basket of flip flops available when our feet started to hurt from all the dancing. Very nice touch.

4.  Brunch the next day – the kids really enjoyed the brunch buffet with the make your own omelet station and we really enjoyed the fresh squeezed orange juice.

5.  Finally the one thing that seemed to change is that we were the old group! lol! Everyone was so young!

All dressed for the wedding!


Chocolate favors and treats!

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