Last full week of school, last field trip – Let’s hear it for the teachers!

Today I volunteered for my second graders’ field trip. It was her last one for the year and the last one at this school. She moves onto 3rd grade in the fall, which in our town is a different school. The trip was right up the street from their school – Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge – and it was great to see the kids exploring and making observations. It was also a hoot to see some of the kids’ reactions! I have to give her teacher and the assistant teacher credit for their patience (especially with 20 kids near a pond of water!) They really are kind and gentle and were reminding the kids not to throw mud, dirt, or step in the ponds! I do have a great deal of respect for our teachers as it seems like a very difficult job getting the kids to focus on the last week of school. Plus with so many little personalities in the classroom I am sure patience is a must – which they both have a lot of!! Let’s hear it for the teachers and the tough job they do everyday. I hope all of our teachers enjoy their summer vacation!



Field Trip!


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