Can’t be in two places at once! End of the school year rush

SO school is almost out and I really wanted to get in some last minute volunteering as both my kids are moving on to new schools. In our town we have grades k-2 in one school, 3-5 and then 6-8. My youngest is heading to 3rd grade and then middle school for the older one (ugh!) Between field day, challenge day, chorus concert, foreign language concert, 2nd grade party, cafeteria duty (or as us moms like to call it pee patrol!) I am running around like crazy! Throw in a few birthday parties, make-up soccer and lacrosse games and charity bike ride and I think I need to clone myself! (did I mention I have to work too?) How do you handle the end of the school year madness? Do you split it up with the hubby? I should learn to say no more. Instead I will be a ball of stress these last few weeks of school and then take a breath when our vacation arrives. Whew!

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