The Must Have Makeup – Glossy Lip Pencils

What’s in for spring for make-up? Lots of things!  Colorful eye makeup, shimmery shades of nail polish and bright lipsticks are in.  But my favorite trend in makeup is the glossy, chunky lip pencil. These fat pencils act like a bit of a lip stick but have the shine of a gloss. They are easy to apply and every makeup line seems to have one. Here are a few favorites.

Clinique’s pencil is called the Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Color Balm.  For $15.00 you can try the latest trend. These are extremely moisturizing with a bit of shine. Mega Mellon is a nice shade.

Nars has one called the Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil.  They come in six shades and each has Vitamin E. Cost is $24.00. My favorite shade is Frivolous which is a iridescent pink shade.

Tarte is my go to makeup line as their makeup contains more natural ingredients. Their Lip Surgence Natural Lip Tint is based on their fantastic cheek stains. The company says you’ll see an increase in lips moisture content after using for 28 days, so it’s like an extra bonus.  Amused is a bright pink which is perfect for this season and is $24.00.

It’s a pencil, it’s a lipstick, it’s a gloss all in one!


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