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A mommy tactic backfired!

I have done it several times very successfully but this time I was caught!  That’s right, on an occasional night out I have put both my children to bed a bit early then had the babysitter arrive after they are “sleeping” (this time they really weren’t sleeping). It just seems easier as sometimes they get all excited and can be a challenge getting to bed. Made sense to me!

I admit at times I have “turned” the clock back a half-hour just to get them to sleep a bit early.  This time both my 6 and 9 year old knew something was up – mom and dad sneaking into the other room, whispering, texting, etc.  Both girls went to sleep very nicely and then I knew something was up! They were so cute though as I heard them, preparing to catch me asking me why I had earrings on when I was going to bed and “is that make up you are wearing”?

When the sitter arrived I left for just a couple hours up the street to a neighborhood party to meet my husband.  When I came home I heard from the sitter that they did come down to greet her to say Hi, told them they were spying on me, chatted for a few minutes and then went to bed!

The next day morning they told me all about how they knew and how funny it was.  I know…I know…. some of you might say that is just not right! Others who have really young infants say great idea as really that is the only time you may get out to have a few hours to yourself!

Now that my kids are older I’ve decided I can’t really do this anymore as few thoughts have came to my mind like it might come back to haunt me (i.e. sneaking out of the house, and really it’s not truthful!) But I thought it was a good mommy tactic when they are young! I am sure there are other mommies out there who have some ideas up their sleeves to achieve balance in their lives and to get things done whether it be a night out, a TV show for your kids to watch while you cook dinner or taking a quick shower (flashbacks come to mind as I put my daughter in her bouncy seat right by the bathroom door where I could see her!)  As long as the kids are safe and having a good time our mommy tactics can be smart, sassy and can help us achieve balance!

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