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I admit it. I am a bit obsessed with notebooks. Yes, notebooks – the kind you write in – remember those? I tend to collect them. I think it started as my days working at a busy PR agency where, back then you actually wrote things down in a notebook and actually brought a notebook to a meeting with you to take notes (versus nowadays with your iphone, ipad, laptop)  I remember all team members had a notebook for every project and we did have a ton of them.  I still use this system to this day!  So I am always on the search for cool, colorful notebooks!

Usually I just head to TJ Maxx and Marshalls to check out what colorful, wymsical and fun ones they have on sale. However when I head to a business meeting I prefer and all black or this grey at a glance notebook.   It’s great for project management.

Of course my go to store  – Target –  has a bunch of useful ones like this writers-readers notebook. Maybe it can help with writers block?

These artsy ones are pretty cute too.

I am going to have to buy this one from Cath Kidston at Target – just love her items. Now don’t the colorful ones evoke more inspiration?

For the finer tastes Moelskines has nice quality notebooks.  Target sells this season trendy color Moelskines – pink!

If you have any ideas on where to purchase cool notebooks send them my way!

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