So my first grader came off the bus the other day and started talking about Lady Gaga and how she emerged from her shell at the awards and described the clothes she was wearing. She also broke out into a song, “I want to be a billionaire”  REALLY? What is my baby learning at school? More likely what is she hearing on the bus? Our bus is only for grades K-2. Are these kids watching MTV? Maybe they have older siblings?  Are kids growing up way to fast nowadays? I would say yes!  My 4th grader knew all about Lady Gaga. Neither of my kids watch MTV but my husband does let them listen to the radio in his car.  I know I cannot shelter them forever and they will hear things at school and on the bus and at their friends’ houses and at sporting events, etc. etc. I guess I just need to keep the dialogue open, ask them questions and set the record straight on other “gossip” they hear!

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