Tan….ish has crept up sooner than I thought. Our club pool opened and I am not nearly ready to put on a bathing suit! In shape? No, swim suit ready? No,  Tan – kind of…. The temperature went from 40 to 90 in one week so of course so many people in the northeast are white as ghosts and have no tan.

I have never really tanned that well and since getting older I realized a little help from the self tanner might make me look a little slimmer so I was all for it. Come on….I think we all have tried some self tan product sooner or later at some point in our lives…..and the self tanning products have come a long way. Some products work better than others (you know what I am talking about…that orangey look) Here are some products I just love, but if you are going to attempt to spray tan make sure you exfoliate well and don’t keep reapplying too often.

Jergens Daily moisturizer – this is the first step for the commitment phobic self tanner. Light, gradual and natural.  Just bought the Jergens® natural glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer so have yet to try it

I love this line  – Glow Fusion – but beware it dries very quickly which is good for getting dressed right away and sleeping on your sheets but bad for your palms. I got through all last summer with a dual pack of the natural protein tan and the enhancing emulsion.

Clarins Liquid Bronze – This is a very light lotion that you can apply with a cotton pad – very natural looking


I have yet to try this one but would love to test it out! St. Tropez Everyday perfect Legs is a gradual self tanner with an instant bronzer in one.

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