Times Two

Who would have thought Multiplication would be fun?

Lisa Wilkins, Founder and CEO of Butterfly Junction did and she created adorable reusable multiplication flashcards. This very cool, stylish product makes multiplication fun.

The Butterfly Junction line of products are for girls ages 7 to 12. The Multiplication Card Sets and Multiplication Finger Charts are so fun and colorful. 

The portable multiplication write ‘n’ wipe cards contains a full table on each card front with a key on the back. Everything is contained in a little tin, making it easy to store, fun to carry. Kids won’t even think its an education tool at all!  The $15.00 Set contains:12 write ‘n’ wipe multiplication cards 1 write ‘n’ wipe progress card and1 aluminum storage case. The web site is soooooo cute too!!

I had my second grader test it out and even thought she is just learning multiplication she said this is cool.  Math is cool indeed!



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