New year’s resolutions?

Ok so it’s January 8th? I hope the new year’s resolutions are continuing. The top new year’s resolutions are always loose weight, work out more, get organized, get your finances in order, spend more time with family and friends, etc. etc. So, historically when you are committing to something the more people you tell the more likely it is that you will stick to it (yeah right)

But here goes….This year instead of the traditional resolutions I tried to think a little differently and committed to the following:

·         Read more books – so far I have read three books and am in the process of reading Jean Chatzky’s Make Money Not excuses. Also on my list is Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell and A Whole Mind by Daniel Pink.
·         Embrace and actually use social networking – facebook, twitter, etc.  – you have do this nowadays!
·         Get out and do more in-person networking and reconnect with business associates and be a mentor as well.
·         Having moved to new house – try to finish the decorating!
·         Actually print the photos that I take with my digital camera and go back to the old days of putting pictures in photo albums instead of looking at them and downloading them to the computer to never see them again….

Good luck with the resolutions you make!

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