Pampering and the winter pedicure dilemma

The New Year is well under way and it’s time for some pampering…. and its does not have to cost a lot to treat yourself. Whether you do it at home or head to a spa you’ll be glad you did because everyone needs a little down time away from the hubby and kids.

If you want to do a spa at home here is a great place to start
There is a site called that will walk you through step by step how to create body scrubs and facial masks with simple ingredients – love the coffee body scrub and the chocolate face mask!
Anyone can create a relaxing atmosphere with fluffy towels, robes and candles!
I love to get pedicures in the winter time just as a special treat. But who wants to expose their feet in the cold weather? Here is a solution for preserving that pricy pedicure.  The sexy socklette by Foot Petals found at It is a perfect way to keep your feet warm during pedicures and for only $6.95 you can afford two pairs! This site has some really great gifts so check it out – I love all the jet setter items.

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