Online Friends

Is it me or is everyone obsessed with twitter? I am still in the early learning stages but it seems everyone is on line blogging, posting videos, sharing information. There are so many sites you can read, become involved in and spend a lot of time online!

The stroller company bugaboo has just launched a new site called Bugaboo Friends. I must say it’s pretty cool.

It’s a great way to see how people all around the world stay active and get around with kids!  It’s especially inspiring for new moms as I can remember the first time I went out with the stroller and the baby – what a maneuver. It’s a nice reminder to see that once you have kids life does not stop.  On the site there are challenges, and each month a featured friend with an inspiring story. After watching a few of the videos and hearing the stories I’ll bet you will be strapping that baby in the stroller and heading on your own adventure. Just make sure you let bugaboo friends know about it!

Check it out

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