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@NECN Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

We were talking practical, traditional and homemade gifts for a Mother’s Day segment @NECN!



@Better TV Mother’s Day Gift Ideas/Crafts!

It’s almost here: Mother’s Day! What would you like to receive? Today at Better CT we were talking Mother Day Gift Ideas, especially unique ones that mom or dad can make with the kids.  Here is the link to the segment and some of the fun products we showcased!


  • I just love anything personalized with my kids name on it!  This is the Heart Page Pendant (retails for $189) from Carved Creations. What a great company.  This personalized jewelry is individually crafted in Pur Luxium (which is Carved Creations fine jewelers-grade stainless steel). They have rings, bracelets and other great gift ideas.
  • Here is a great idea for your kids artwork and a unique gift for mom. The Pieced Palette   makes great scarves and pillows out of your child’s artwork.  Have dad sit down with the kids and have them draw a masterpiece. The pieced palette will scan the image and put it on a scarf or can make a two-sided pillow with your child’s artwork on one side and a note on the other (like “You’re the best mom!. These are also great for grandma! Choose scarf or pillow, each $50.
  • All moms have a ton of photos lying around or just sitting on your computer. Have dad gather the kids and go to to create your custom photo book.  They can do photo books, cards and calendars online. I love that it looks like an actual book. They have all sorts of themes – Mother’s Day, Family Tree or even a recipe book.
  • If you have a crafty child choose one of these activities that you can make with them. is the premier gifting authority.  The deluxe pottery wheel is great for adventurous ones and the ultimate nail studio is perfect for spa day for the girls. I just love the make you own cards – has a great kit that has all you need and neatly packaged in a carrying case.
  • My new favorite item is the   Diva Dangler earring organizer The Diva Dangler earring organizer is a reversible wooden frame covered in their proprietary fabric called Duramesh, a strong material with perfectly sized holes that make it a cinch to hang – and remove – earrings. It can hang on the wall of a bedroom, bathroom or even office, or the frame can be placed in the custom base which serves as a ring holder and which can hold up to 32 rings.  I love how it looks like a work of art, so organize your jewelry any way you want. It’s beautiful and affordable at $29.99.

Disclosure:  Al the items above were sent to me by the companies for review and display. All opinions are my own.

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5 Tips for a Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s around the world rejoice – it’s your day!

Here is a suggested way to enjoy this day or get ready for requests for next year!

1.  Tell the hubby what you want – you can interpret this anyway you want! If you want to relax in bed for a few hours (alone!) , go to the salon for a few hours of you time or spend it outdoors with the kids and hubby, plan it, say it and let them know that this is what you want to do on your day!

2. Think of what you did for your mom on  this day. Although my mom is not with me I think back to what we did for her and it makes me smile. Traditions are always the best gift.

3. This is the best day to have people do stuff for you so be creative! “Kids, Please pick up and put all your clothes away, it is after all Mother’s Day” “Honey, can you clean the garage? That is what I want most!”

4. A favorite meal cooked or a hot fudge sundae delivered to you – whatever your favorite treat is enjoy it. Although my idea of a new recipe backfired this morning, it was the thought that counts right? If you look closely at the picture my kids tried to hide the fact that the pancake was charred as they added some sprinkles and a little cheerio to the top of the pancake (how cute are they?) The pretzel crumbs were a nice touch.  YES, I did eat it and believe it or not it was not that bad! (at least that is what I told them)

5. Relax, relax and relax and enjoy your day!

5 Tips-Happy Mother's Day