kids shoes

Fitness Shoes for tweens?

This must be a new trend I am not aware of – fitness shoes for girls.  While I have talked about my FitFlop sandals on a number of occassions I was surprised to see they came out with fit flops for kids. I personally think fit flips sandals are very comfortable. While at first I thought that is so cute, my next thought was, do my girls really need a sandal to tone their legs?  The fit flops web site says their shoes are “footwear with a gym built-in. FitFlop. Get a workout while you walk” Do kids really need a workout?

Their web site does say “FitFlop footwear protects kids feet without limiting movement, and let growing feet stretch and flex, with more foot-to-midsole contact than stiff and structured-soled shoes”  But the top part of this section still says get a workout while you walk.

Then as my girls were watching TV a commercial came on for Shape-ups for girls. Really?  What message is this sending them?Just some thoughts…..What do you think?


No Flip Flops Please

80 degrees in April in New England = flips flops immediately.  I do love flip flops myself, wearing them well before summer and well into the fall.  I try to look for comfy ones for the kids. After receiving a note from the principal cautioning the use of flip flops at school I realized the search for sandals is on. Doesn’t everyone’s feet sweat in sneakers and socks when it’s 85 degrees out? My 5 year old loves her ugg sandals and my 8 year old will put on any pair of flips flops she finds so getting her to wear a pair of sandals can be tricky. Here are some sandals I have checked out and are on the wish list.  

  • A few years back I bought the most adorable teva sandals and now since my 5 year old has inherited them she refuses to wear them. I think they are cute and comfy but sometimes my kids think otherwise. Love the Girl’s Tirra this season. The tanza boys are pretty rugged.


  • Every year I check out the echo line of sandals – another comfy choice and a bit more sparkly for those who have little girls who are drawn to shine and sparkle. My daughter tried on her sandals from a few years back and was so sad they did not fit. Love the ecco pearl girl sandal and the duke sandal for boys are dark enough to hide the dirt.


  • Sport sandals are comfy and convenient as some you can get wet and even run in them without spraining a little ankle. From Stride Rite the pretty pink Eve sandal is water friendly and fast drying. For Boys, the Sperry Top-Sider Lagoon is very functional. Stride Rite calls this their sneaker/sandal hybrid. It  has a hook-and-loop closure, a recycled rubber outsole for traction and a leather and neoprene upper to keep feet dry.