kids shoes

Fitness Shoes for tweens?

This must be a new trend I am not aware of – fitness shoes for girls.  While I have talked about my FitFlop sandals on a number of occassions I was surprised to see they came out with fit flops for kids. I personally think fit flips sandals are very comfortable. While at first I thought that is so cute, my next thought was, do my girls really need a sandal to tone their legs?  The fit flops web site says their shoes are “footwear with a gym built-in. FitFlop. Get a workout while you walk” Do kids really need a workout?

Their web site does say “FitFlop footwear protects kids feet without limiting movement, and let growing feet stretch and flex, with more foot-to-midsole contact than stiff and structured-soled shoes”  But the top part of this section still says get a workout while you walk.

Then as my girls were watching TV a commercial came on for Shape-ups for girls. Really?  What message is this sending them?Just some thoughts…..What do you think?