Age appropriate dressing

So I was laughing after I saw this story on The Today Show about how old is too old to wear…bikinis, short skirts and high heels.  Leggings after 45??? This survey said no way. What?? I love leggings and will continue to wear them!  The Today Show even did its own survey.  It was funny to hear people’s opinion on when you should retire wearing certain clothes.

I totally agree with the panelists on The Today Show.   It’s not about age. You have to understand what fits your body.  I say wear what you want when you want as long as you feel comfortable.  I am all about age appropriate-ness.   If it’s hot outside I will wear shorts.  Since I am short I relish the high heels.  Since my legs are skinny I will wear short skirts. The bikini on the other hand I will pass on since covering my middle is a priority and no I am not revealing my age!