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Summer fragrances with a function? @Aromaflage #nobugs #sleep #sponsored

I am not one for wearing perfume…but perfume that smells light and airy AND  that functions as an insect repellent? Sign me up! Aromaflage sent me samples of their  2-in-1 fine fragrance with function. Always on the lookout for deet alternatives I was ready to test it out. According to the Aromaflage web site the fragrances are , “Scientifically tested, effective, and beautifulOur first line of fine fragrances & candles naturally repels mosquitoes. Our newest line is a sleep fragrance designed to let you sleep more deeply and wake up feeling rejuvenated.”

I like how the collection comes in an easy to store and travel with purse size. There is no deet or harsh chemicals in their fragrances. You only need 1-2 sprays per leg and arm and you should reapply every 2-3 hours. Not only did I smell nice but I had no mosquito bites! The fragrance is derived from fruits and plants. The company’s founders found in their travels across Asia that exotic, botanical fragrances can double as insect repellent.  The original Aromaflage notes of silken vanilla, warm cedarwood, and exotic orange. The Aromaflage Wild is a nice blend of cardamom, cedarwood & spruce. Both do smell lovely and you don’t have to wash them off after a night out as they are natural. How many of you are in the shower washing off that deet before you get into bed??  The sleep fragrance smells very light and I spray it on my pillow at night for a great nights sleep.

But how exactly does it work?? According to the company website, “The volatility in Aromaflage’s essential oil + alcohol mixture creates a shield around the skin. This shield discourages mosquitoes from landing on your skin. Products containing DEET use contact repellency. This means that mosquitoes may land on your skin and react to the harsh chemicals, then jumping off.”  You can read more about it here


Disclosure: The company send me some samples of the Aromaflage fragrance. As always all opinions are my own in this blog post.

Fragrance with function @aromaflage a must have this summer season!
Fragrance with function @aromaflage a must have this summer season!

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