It’s 2021 – outlook?

Well, I am glad that 2020 has gone but whoa, what a start to the new year! I am hopeful to get the vaccine and hope that it will put an end to this horrible virus. Travel plans, visits with family and friends, and gatherings have been postponed long enough. I am looking forward to hugging friends and family and of course travel. Whether it be day trips, weekends away, or week-long vacations….bring it on!

My love of travel continues even though it was shut down for 2020. will continue to bring travel recommendations and of course fun product reviews – my love of all fun products – all things beauty, food, pet and lifestyle products continue! Tell me some good news and what plans you have in store for 2021!

My pup certainly thought 2020 was great as we were home all the time! She really is a bright light during the darkest of days of 2020. She loves to be wrapped up like a burrito and, of course, loves to snuggle. She also loves a good day trip as well so I will be on the lookout for destinations that are dog friendly! Here’s to a hopeful, healthy, travel-filled and fun 2021!

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