Traveling in the time of COVID-19

As Massachusetts starts to open up traveling can be tricky. So far this summer we have taken day trips to Maine, a two week stay at the cape and an overnight for the 4th of July holiday. Here are some recommendations to make the transition to travel during this difficult time.

  1. Know the property policy. Most resorts in Mass and New England you have to wear a face covering in the public areas of the hotel. Please do wear a mask! Mass numbers are down so that is a good thing!
  2. Travel locally so you don’t have to quarantine. We in Massachusetts have so many nice destinations to choose from.
  3. Bring your wipes and alcohol. While most resorts now do not offer room service and cleaning services, it is still a good idea to wipe down surfaces, door handles and wash your hands when you do go back to your room from the beach or from an outing.

Safe summer travels and keep it local!

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