Young kids worried about school? Worry Eaters plush toy to the rescue!

If you have a child who is anxious about school (or tends to worry in general) take a look at this product. These adorable plush toys called Worry Eaters give parents and kids peace of mind. Simple have your child write their worry on a piece of paper or draw it and toss it into the Worry Eater’s zippered mouth. That is it and kids can go about their day worry free. 

Worry Eaters are a new product from The Haywire Group and you can buy them on the website here.  Each striped plush toy (eight to choose from in all) has adorable names like Polli, Flamm and twins Bill and Betti. Perfect for kids to write their worries down and zip them up right before bed too.  A great conversation starter and each plush character has big round eyes, soft bodies and a mix of two or three or more ears or horns! Worry Eaters are for ages three and up and retail for $15.99 for the small one and $22.99 for the large one.

Disclosure: The Haywire group sent me the Worry Eaters to test out and review. All opinions are my own.

Kids feed their worries to the Worry Eaters and zip them away!
Kids feed their worries to the Worry Eaters and zip them away!


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