Pump up the pumpkin @StopandShop #PumpkinPoet

Stop & Shop is is pumping it up this season – with their pumpkin inspired creations from @StopandShop.  The grocery store has some very unique pumpkin flavored offerings in store this fall  – actually 45 pumpkin inspired creations like pasta sauce, tortilla chips, waffles and even ice cream!  I received a lovely package from @stopandshop and got to test out the sauce and the pumpkin seed tortilla chips and both were tasty!  They usually have these unique flavored items in store seasonally (remember limoncello for the summer??) Yum! Check out the line the next time you are at Stop & Stop.


Disclosure: Stop & Shop sent me a box filled with the tortilla chips and sauce to sample. All opinions are my own in this blog post.

#PumpkinPoet Pumping up the pumpkin offerings @stopandshop
#PumpkinPoet Pumping up the pumpkin offerings @stopandshop

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