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Making your way to @BJsWholesale with kids! #backtoschool shopping #Sponsored

I have not been to BJ’s wholesale club in a while and I was certainly missing out!  They have a great optical section, coupon books with extra savings, a few samples of food for the kids to try and of course items in bulk that any family can use for back to school season.  Just last week I was at BJ’s Wholesale Club to film a segment with @NECN for what products to buy or not to buy this time of year (more to come on that in the next post) and took along my older daughter. She was very happy to shop for back to school snacks but put in so many items in our cart that we went a bit overboard. You have to be strategic about this back to school snack shopping!  Here are a few tips  if you plan to bring your kids along with you (yes, they can help)

1. It can be very fun to shop here but it can be overwhelming so have a plan on which items you want to buy and stick with it. Because if you don’t one turn down the candy isle and the kids will go crazy. FYI…This is THE place to get your Halloween candy.

2. So if your plan is to get some back to school snacks be picky in each category. For example we chose one case of chips, one case of juice boxes, one granola bar box – as tempting as it was for my daughter to choose 7 snack options – you have to set a limit!

3.  Know what your kids like  – My daughter picked out a new brand of granola bars (and she is very picky) so  I thought oh great – what if she does not like them, then I have 500 left over!  It is best to stick with favorites here! Fyi….the bars were Cascadian Farms organic chewy granola bars and I love them!

Disclosure: BJ’s Wholesale sent me a gift card. All opinions in this blog post are my own.

BJs Wholesale for back to school
BJs Wholesale for back to school

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