Tips for a fun day @WaterCountry #Hosted #watercountrynh

Summertime is not over yet!  If you are looking for a quick day trip and are planning to be in the Portsmouth, New Hampshire area check out Water Country! We had a great time and here are trendymommies tips to surviving the day at Water Country!

  • Plan ahead and make sure you pick a sunny, warm day – We did have a great sunny day but toward the end of the day we were cold!  I know that sounds funny as it was 72 degrees but many of the slides had umbrellas – for good reason – as if it’s very hot they provide a nice area for shade.  It’s just we just would not want to be there in the cold!
  • Buy the locker.  We wanted to take photos but didn’t want to carry around our phones all day and thankfully they had lockers to store our stuff. It was pricier than I thought  – $12 – but so worth it.
  • You can walk with you flip flops and towels – or just store them in your locker but I liked to have my flip flops handy – especially if you had to run to the bathroom.
  • Enjoy the wave pool – what I like about Water Country is that there are lots of places to lounge if you wanted to watch the kids and the wave pool is the perfect place to do this. Plus you can enjoy an ice cream or treat while lounging!
  • Lots of place to eat – enjoy the food – You can certainly pack some snacks and water and store them in the locker but they do have a variety of places to eat there so enjoy and don’t worry about packing a lunch if you don’t want to.
  • As with any travel destination  – early or later is the best time – anytime is fun at Water Country but we did notice at the end of the day the lines were shorter and that is when the girls went up and down multiple times on their favorite slides.


Check them out on the web site here.

Disclosure:  Water Country sent me 4 passes to enjoy the day. All opinions in this blog post are my own.


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