Guys: Volunteer! #BBBSMB #ChicksDigBigs

This week I went to the launch event of the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay. Their new campaign Chicks Dig Bigs (as in big brothers) asks women to encourage a guy in their life to consider being a big brother. Did you know there are currently 800 boys in the Boston area who are waiting for a mentor?

BBBSMB also released a survey and the findings show that women admire and respect a guy who volunteers with youth.

The survey found that:

• Nearly nine in ten women (88%) are more likely to give an interview to a candidate who volunteers with kids. Millennial women (ages 18-34) feel more strongly (93%) than women ages 35-64 (85%).

• Nearly nine in ten women (88%) would boast about their significant other volunteering with kids to their friends. Millennial women (ages 18-34) are more likely to do so (92%) than women ages 35-64 (86%).

• If a guy has a couple hours of free time, women would prefer he spend it volunteering (79%) rather than going to the gym (52%), watching sports (33%), or shopping with them (56%).


Here is the most adorable video they released!


To learn more about the Chick Digs Bigs campaign or to encourage someone you know to become a Big Brother, visit:


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