Fall into Fitness: My Fitness Goals, @PlanetShoes #fit4fall

So my fitness goal for the fall was to start back up exercising. As lame as it sounds I get very little exercise in the summer in a structured way. Kids are home and combine that with work and their activities I tend to not head to a gym but rather get my exercise from any various activities we may do as a family (bike ride, surfing, etc.) When planet shoes asked me to participate in their sole sisters blogger campaign for their get fit challenge I was so excited. They would send me a new pair of sneakers and I would be motivated to start exercising again.  It has been a slow start (see picture below!)  I am having not only a hard time motivating myself but my dog as well!.

In all seriousness I do have fitness goals – but they are small. I wanted to walk the dog at least a mile every day. Now I am starting to up that and yesterday we went for a two mile walk. Today I even jogged with the dog! So the goal now is to vary the walks – not the same route, walk fast, uphill jog, etc. just to mix it up a bit.  I also want to head back to my dance classes at idance boston

They have unique dance classes that I was attending regularly but it did not seem like a workout!  I am not sure I can do a 5k (why does it seem like EVERYONE is participating in a 5k, mud run, 10k etc.) (I am not a runner so these events scare me!)  There is even talk with my fellow bloggers to participate in a walk/run. I would be on the fast walk side! Well, with my new bright sneakers from skechers and with my fury walking buddy I think I could add a formal race to my list so stay tuned!

#FallFitnessFail  #Fit4Fall

#FallFitnessFail #Fit4Fall












Disclosure:  Planet Shoes sent me a pair of sneakers to test out and help me with my fitness goals. All opinions are my own.








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