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Aftermath of Sandy: messy house; Halloween on in your town?

Hurricane Sandy is over but the affects of it still linger for some families – no power, tree damage, house messiness from kids playing!  Most of the two days off from school each of the rooms in my house was a mess.  Well, at least the kids kept occupied by building forts, baking, watching TV and movies (luckily we had power the whole time!) We also took a trip to the beach to see the waves and boy was it amazing to see the massive waves but sad that there was hardly any beach left.

Now onto Halloween.  Costumes are ready, kids are home early (3/4 day) and we are counting down the hours!  We have Halloween this evening but many towns are postponing to Saturday (like last year) and while there are pros and cons to each  – l like the idea of sleeping late and no school on Sunday – last year it just felt different.  I am glad it’s this evening.  What are your thoughts on postponing?

Happy Halloween or my new favorite saying from that crazy show the neighbors

Happy Halloween ween!    I hope all of you are safe now and have a Happy Halloween!

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