Drop off/bus stop mom fashions?

I saw this story the other day on the Huffington Post  about celebrities’ style while they drop off their kids at school. Come on…. I know you have looked at one or two photos of celebrities to see what they are wearing in everyday life.  For some it’s like a runway when they drop off their kids at school. For us in the suburbs not so much.

There is actually a site called Haute Drop Off  a fashion blog/photo series of fashionable parents at school drop-offs. Now I know some of you will say, who cares? What? Really? a site about what moms wear to drop off their kids? Let me take a peek. but that is just me. I may have worn sweat pants to my bus stop once or twice (only my neighbor knows for sure!)  I have friends who wear sweat pants and pj pants to the bus stop and you know what? Who cares what you wear?  Style is very personal – some people like to dress up and others want to be comfortable – it is an individual choice.  Enjoy your bus stop fashions not matter what you wear!

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