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Activity mat, make-up case, carryall in one? @layngo

Looking for a new make-up bag or storage for your kids Legos? Try the Lay-n-Go! Lay-n-go is a 5 foot diameter activity mat that coverts to a satchel allowing for quick and easy clean up of toys. There is a smaller Lay-n-Go Lite which is a smaller, personal activity mat and a Lay-n-Go “cosmo” cosmetics bag. It is great for storing small items and for on the go activities where you need a mat too. They call it their activity mat, cleanup, carryall and storage solution in one (yeah, finally!)  This was a great solution for me as most days I am dumping the contents of my make-up case on the bed, counter or wherever I am to do my make-up. It wipes clean and is a much more functional cosmetics bag. Plus, perfect for those annoying little toys like polly pockets!


New and improved make-up bag!

Disclosure: the company sent me the Lay-n-Go cosmo for review. All opinions are my own.



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