School Vacation Week on the Cheap

It is day three of school vacation week and I am proud to say we are relaxing! (that and I am working as well!)  The kids just love this.  This past weekend my hubby’s friend was in from Miami and we ventured out to lunch and dinner at various restaurants. We did take a trip to a petting zoo but I think I liked it more than the kids (see photo)  So far this week my kids had friends over and we watched a few movies – some better than others (hello…fred..the movie..ugh)

If you are looking for things to do this week that are pretty low key and affordable, here are some tips:

  • Have a movie night and the kids can invite over their friends – always a fun time at our house, especially the popcorn with the parmesan cheese!
  • Take a walk in the park. I have not been good about walking the puppy but the kids love to take the trip around a local lake to explore. We also had a puppy play date with our dog’s sister.
  • This is our slow sports season- swim team is complete so we are waiting for soccer and lacrosse to start so my hubby took the girls and some friends to play lacrosse and practice some drills (and found out he was out of shape in the process – but that is another story!)
  • School vacation is not complete without a trip to a breakfast hangout, the mall or some other store adventure (we love the dollar store!)  My kids also love to head to Starbucks for a hot chocolate. We ventured to Barnes & Noble and they did actually read while they were there! We bought a few biographies that the girls are really into. We also like to head to Jordan’s furniture for the ice cream, an IMAX show, and the jelly beans!

Enjoy the week!

School Vacation Week Fun

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